‘Raisin Expectation’ for the Olympics

calraisin_logoWith the Olympics approaching, we should all be mindful of the impact of such an event on our businesses.

Alongside the obvious implications of delays in transportation and the consequential difficulties that ensue, it is also just as important to view the Olympics as a massive business opportunity.

With a large influx of visitors from both home and abroad, there has never been a better time to promote your product to a wider audience.

raisinbarCalifornia Raisins can give you both a cost effective, quality product and can also offer you support information, recipes and nutritional facts to make sure you are best placed to take advantage of this event.

Please do not hesitate to contact the California Raisin Administrative Committee if you need assistance in your ‘Olympian’ effort to get the edge over your competitors.

For further information please contact The California Raisin Administrative Committee on 01753 827650 or email: info@ukraisins.com