A smoother, cooler Swan

smooth-3.jpgThe first-ever carbon cavity Pop-A-Tip filter – Swan Smooth – has been launched. Designed to offer a smoother smoke, this is the latest product from Swan, manufacturer of the UK’s number one, best selling filter. Developed following intensive research among roll your own (RYO) smokers, Swan Smooth comprises a carbon cavity providing enhanced filtration for a more satisfying roll-up.* The activated carbon is created from coconut shells that would otherwise be wasted. It reduces volatile compounds in the smoke stream and less desirable components in cigarette smoke.

Andrew Hardie, Marketing Manager at Swedish Match, comments: “As the nation’s favourite filter, consumers expect innovation from Swan. Swan Smooth evolved after our research revealed many RYO smokers desired a smoother and cooler smoke. The research also indicated that contemporary packaging was a key factor in influencing whether consumers purchase a product.”

With its modern, black colouring and sleek silver lines, Swan Smooth’s design is a noticeable progression from the classic Swan packaging. The black pack reflects Swan Smooth’s carbon USP and the iconic Swan logo remains prominent on the front of the pack.

As consumer demand for convenience and practicality remains strong, Swan Smooth filters also feature a handy Pop-A-Tip™ format for clean and easy use.

“Following our trials, we found that 86% of roll your own consumers agreed they would be likely to purchase Swan Smooth over their normal filter due to its benefits, which is hugely positive,” adds Andrew.

Andrew concludes: “Our customers remain ever loyal to the Swan brand. Our heritage ensures that when customers choose a Swan filter, they are benefiting from 125 years of expertise. As brand leaders, Swan continues to drive growth for the category by offering the optimum range for the trade looking to grow their business.”

Swan Smooth is available in 120 Extra Slim Pop-A-Tip™ filters per consumer pack and 20 consumer packs per trade outer.

*Research undertaken from December 2004 – 2005. Christine Billingham independent qualitative research, and research undertaken November 2007 ERA (Easton Research Associates).

For further information on Swan Smooth visit www.swansmooth.com