Welcome to the 2018 Media Pack

Wholesale Manager is officially the UK’s highest ABC audited circulation publication for the wholesale and cash and carry sector, supplying both retail and foodservice. We are a bi-monthly A3 tabloid sized magazine, distributed to senior buyers, directors, managers and other decision makers.

Wholesale Manager has a total print circulation of 5,126. This is the highest printed circulation in the UK wholesale and cash and carry industry, confirming Wholesale Manager as your natural choice to advertise to this important audience.

Placing your advertising in Wholesale Manager gives you unequalled access to all the major companies in the UK wholesale sector. With wholesalers’ annual revenues exceeding £30 billion, this is one of the strongest and largest areas in the UK economy and a massive market for consumer brands targeting retail and catering.

Wholesale Manager will continue to invest in our printed and digital publications by further researching and developing our readership to make sure your messages reach the right people in the wholesale sector. This means you can be confident of reaching your target audience every time!

If you would like more details about how we can support you with advertising and editorial in Wholesale Manager, I will be delighted to help. Please call me on 01923 272965 or email james@grandflame.co.uk or contact via this online form.

Kind Regards
James Surridge

Download the media pack in PDF (2.3 mb) format here.
Includes the 2018 features list.


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