ALARA WHOLEFOODS Sustainable packaging from Parkside

Alara Wholefoods has commissioned packaging solutions specialists Parkside to produce a natural, sustainable liner for its organic muesli carton boxes, sold in leading retailers, Ocado, Wholefoods Markets and Sainsbury’s. Parkside’s clear, duplex, home compostable, high barrier paper laminate replaces Alara’s previous petrochemical-based polyester/ polyethylene inner liner.

The cellulose film laminates are manufactured using bio-based materials that have been sustainably sourced. They are suitable for both home and industrial composting. Once the pack has been used, it can be added to an ordinary garden compost heap or included in local council food waste collections.

Alara’s Managing Director, Alex Smith, commented: “These new liners are officially certified as home compostable in line with our ethical philosophy. Our aim is to always use sustainable and recyclable packaging, so we could not turn down the opportunity to work with Parkside and incorporate their innovative compostable liners into our packs.”