Bestway Easter range for retailers extends their offer outside the choclate box

Bestway and Batleys Wholesale has put together a selection of thirty Easter ‘flavoured’ items for the independent retailer to stock to extend their offer to shoppers from the more traditional Easter Egg.

The range includes Easter chicks and rabbits in various sizes and types, Easter filler eggs for children to give as presents, gift wrapping with colourful and strong Easter designs and Easter hats and childrens’ jigsaws to colour with an Easter theme.

Mr Salim Setra, the senior negotiator for non-foods at Bestway said, “We have found some  really good seasonal gifts for retailers to stock which will maximise their margins and enable them to extend their traditional offering away from just chocolate Easter Eggs to gift items to attract both parents and child shoppers.”

The range is priced to provide good margins. (Prices to the trade)

3 pc Easter Gift Packaging set – with paper, tissue and gift bag @ 0.69p

14 pk Easter Filler Eggs @ 0.65p

15” Floppy Dotty Rabbit cuddly toy @ £4.95

12” Lemony Chick with green ribbon @ £3.25

All thirty lines are in selected Bestway and Batley branches now.

Bestway Wholesale

Mr Salim Setra

Tel: 020 8453 1234