Birds Eye in schools healthy eating partnership

Motivated by the worrying statistic that 90% of primary school-age children aren’t eating their 5-a-day, Birds Eye has partnered with youth engagement agency, We are Futures – the agency behind the National Schools Partnership – to help educate children on the benefits and importance of eating vegetables, both frozen and fresh.

Aiming to reach at least 50,000 households across the UK through takehome resources, the initiative echoes the national ‘Eat Them to Defeat Them’ campaign led by VegPower and ITV, which Birds Eye is the branded supporter of, to help spread the message about healthy eating to children.

Teachers of Key Stage 2 will have access to a fun and creative three-lesson plan, entitled ‘Veg Power!’, that spans multiple curriculum-based subjects, all with the aim of prompting positive action and encouraging pupils to see eating vegetables in a more positive light.

The lessons take inspiration from the founder of Birds Eye, Clarence Birdseye, who found an innovative solution to a real-world problem by inventing ‘Flash- Freezing’, and culminate in pupils being asked to think of an innovative solution to another real-world problem: how to get kids to eat more veg!

UK schools can participate in the programme by signing up to the National Schools Partnership website, with teaching packs available now. Packs also include materials to help inform parents of the initiative, as well as a week-long food diary to help children recognise how much veg, and what type of veg, they and their classmates, currently eat.

Participating schools will also have the chance to win a veg planter and gardening kit for their school.