Booker Retail boss leaves

After 17 years at Booker, Steve Fox, Managing Director for Retail at Booker Group is moving on to become the Managing Director of MFG.

Charles Wilson, CEO of Booker said, “Steve has made a huge contribution to Booker and thousands of Premier, Londis, Budgens, Family Shopper and independent retailers that we serve. MFG is a major customer of Booker and Steve will sit on the Londis and Budgens retailer councils. We would like to thank Steve for his contribution and wish him and MFG the very best in the years ahead.”

Steve Fox will move on in September and Colm Johnson will take over Steve’s responsibilities and become Managing Director of Booker Group Retail. Colm has been at Booker for 34 years and latterly has been running their impulse business.

Charles Wilson, CEO of Booker continued: “Colm Johnson knows our retailers well and will lead our great retail team to continue to strengthen our support to retail customers. All other people in the Booker Retail/Booker Retail Partners business will remain unchanged. We anticipate that Steve will move to MFG in September 2019 and Colm will formally take on his responsibilities then.”

Charles Wilson concluded: “Steve Fox has done a fantastic job for Booker and the retailers we serve. We wish him and MFG the very best for the future. Colm Johnson takes over where Steve has left off. Colm has a deep understanding of our retailers and the progress we need to make to continue earning the support and partnership of our retail customers.”