Brakes makes Mac & Cheese a piece of cake

Catering for the fast-growing crowd of ‘dude food’ fans, Brakes’ new M&J Seafood Mac & Cheese Smoked MSC Haddock Fish Cakes are right on trend.

The US fashion for traditional junk food classics done very well has hit the UK in a big way and Mac & Cheese is right up there among the favourites. The Brakes cakes fit the bill, stuffed with macaroni that has been blended with a rich, mature Cheddar and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese sauce and flakes of smoked haddock. A Japanese-style Panko breadcrumb coating ensures an extra crunch once cooked.

The 100g cakes make a generous starter, a tempting side-dish, or a substantial snack served up with a dip, and can be oven baked, grilled or deep-fried from frozen. Packed 40 to a case, they offer a classic favourite that has been updated, coupled with versatile cooking options.

List price, subject to the customer’s discount, is £25.99 per case. For more information on the M&J Seafood Mac & Cheese Smoked MSC Haddock Fish Cakes, or other products in the extensive Brakes range, visit or call 0345 606 9090.