Caterite increases productivity with Sanderson Voice Directed WMS

Caterite Food & Wineservice has extended its Sanderson solution to include the latest Voice Directed Warehouse Management System (WMS) and is benefitting from a faster, more accurate warehouse operation.

Caterite’s investment in the Sanderson voice directed WMS reinforces its commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, with streamlined processes and increased productivity leading to a faster fulfilment operation.

The advantages of voice directed WMS extend beyond efficient picking. Caterite is delighted by its ease of use and greater control over the picking operation. Additionally the system delivers real-time stock information providing telesales with accurate stock data, so it can offer customers alternatives to out-of-stock items, capturing potential lost sales.

Lorcan Byrne, Managing Director, Caterite Food & Wineservice comments:

“The voice directed WMS system has accelerated productivity and improved workflows across the business. For example, it has eliminated duplication of effort and streamlined the handover process between the pick team and the delivery team. We now have faster on-time deliveries and improved customer satisfaction.”

Martin Beatty, Product Development Director for Wholesale Distribution Solutions at Sanderson adds:

“It is very encouraging to see more customers investing further in our specialist solutions – a testament to our software and expert in-house team. It’s great to see Caterite using our software to its full potential and the voice directed WMS solution is helping the company deliver a superior service to their customers.”

Caterite Food & Wineservice

Caterite was established in 1969 in Keswick, supplying goods to the local catering industry. As the company grew it moved to Embleton in 1999 and since then has made a number of acquisitions. The company remains proud of its Cumbrian roots and supplies its catering customers with products from local suppliers, at competitive prices as part of a fast and efficient service.

About Sanderson

Sanderson is one of the UK’s leading technology providers, supplying end-to-end multi-channel retail and wholesale solutions. Sanderson Group has customers of all sizes, using its proven solutions for wholesale operations, retail, mail order and ecommerce.

About Swords and Digital Solutions
Swords, the specialist wholesale solution from Sanderson, is designed for delivered wholesalers and cash & carry businesses, providing a single, integrated platform to streamline processes, improve visibility of operations and support business growth. From financials to warehouse management, the software is built for every stage of the wholesale business. The specialist software includes digital mobile solutions which work with any back office IT system and benefit wholesalers who require cloud-based solutions to enhance their current system. Comprising of web, CRM and delivery software, the solutions increase sales, customer loyalty and satisfaction.