Follow the Government’s advice – use a logistics specialist

Given the current uncertainties facing the business community, appointing the right supply chain partner provider has never been more important, says William Walker, Sales Director of Walker Logistics.

“More and more companies are hoping to realise the benefits of sub-contracting supply chain activities to experts. With the current uncertainties over Brexit, appointing the right supply chain partner has never been more important. But picking a third party logistics (3PL) specialist that is the best ‘fit’ for your needs now and in future can be a daunting prospect.

“The EU referendum result will have serious ramifications for all UK companies that import and export goods, and warehousing and transport operations will have to change dramatically. Whether you are outsourcing for the first time or looking for an alternative supplier of logistics services to the company that you already use, there are many things to consider. Does the 3PL have a proven track record? Is the 3PL’s geographic location right for you? Will they offer a scalable service capable of growing with your business’s needs? Does it offer the range of services – warehousing, packaging, transportation and distribution – you are looking for?

“Budgetary considerations should never be the overriding concern when vetting 3PLs, but the pricing structure of any outsourced logistics agreement is clearly an important consideration. Finally, your prospective 3PL partner should be able to offer advice and guidance on the type of charging mechanism that best suits your company’s needs and you should avoid operators that appear to be attempting to shoehorn you into a certain type of fee structure.’