Gillette brings cross portfolio innovation for 2018

Gillette, the UK’s number one shave brand is beginning 2018 with a bang introducing the largest creative overhaul of the range in more than 10 years. The brand’s new packaging coincides with the launch of a new Gillette Fusion5 razor and introduction of the first disposable razor in the category with proprietary cooling technology, the Gillette Sensor3 Cool.

Gillette’s new contemporary design has been crafted to simplify the range and ensure greater stand-out on shelf, giving the Gillette range a more uniformed look across its portfolio. Stand out statements on the front of pack will make it easier for shoppers to understand each product’s benefits, with the razors themselves being more visible through the packaging.

Commenting on the upgrade, Matt Thomas, Shave Care Brand Manager at P&G said: “It makes it simpler and easier than ever for men to find the Gillette product that is right for them when they visit stores across the UK and Ireland. Whether guys want to pick up Gillette from their local corner shop, add to their basket during the weekly supermarket shop, or buy us online through all major retailers – we will be there with a great quality, great value product for them!”

The Sensor3 range from Gillette is the world’s number one selling three-bladed disposable razor. The new ‘Cool’ range, available to retailers now, features a unique cooling technology which is released during each shaving stroke to provide a more refreshing and comfortable shaving experience for up to 10 smooth shaves. Alongside the new Senor3 Cool disposable blades, Gillette is also introducing a new series of sensitive cool shaving preps.

Matt Thomas, Shave Care Brand Manager at P&G added: “For over 100 years, Gillette has relentlessly strived to give guys the best possible shave, and offer great value for money. This year, we have innovated across every part of our portfolio – from bringing new sensory benefits to the world’s most popular three-bladed disposable (Sensor3 Cool) to upgrading the blades on the UK’s most popular razor – Gillette Fusion. This means that no matter a shopper’s budget, we have a Gillette quality shave to meet their needs.”