Innovation from family-favourites leads Nestlé Confectionery’s 2018 Spring range

This spring Nestlé Confectionery aims to delight shoppers with a range that includes exciting new news from wellloved iconic brands, including the launch of two brand new mini eggs products: the SMARTIES Mini Eggs bag and the mixed SMARTIES and MILKYBAR Mini Eggs bag, as well as three new shell egg launches: Orange SMARTIES Mini Eggs Insider Egg, ROWNTREE’s Jelly Tots Retro Egg and Nestlé Pick & Mix Giant Egg.

Nestlé Confectionery is the fastest growing mini eggs manufacturer . Therefore, following on from the terrific consumer response to the launch of the Orange SMARTIES Giant Tube this autumn, there is a brand new launch for the spring season: Orange SMARTIES Mini Eggs. The 90g bag (RRP £1.00) is set to be a smash hit with shoppers as it combines the increasing popularity of mini eggs (sales of which are in both long and short-term growth thus making it a firm seasonal favourite (with shoppers) with consumers’ love for the orange flavour SMARTIES sweet.

The second mini eggs launch sees two iconic brands join forces to create the new SMARTIES and MILKYBAR Mini Eggs 300g family sharing bag (RRP £3.00). Mini eggs is the biggest Easter segment, worth an impressive £68.6 million and growing both in the long and short term, +55.5% over the last 5 years and +16% last Easter alone. Larger family sharing formats are also in growth, with 60% of the shoppers buying into this format being new to mini eggs. The new sharing bag aims to capitalise on these consumer trends to make a winning treat for the family this spring.

What’s more, SMARTIES will also answer consumer demand with a brand new shell egg pack – the Orange SMARTIES Mini Eggs Insider Egg. This pack features a delicious orange flavour milk chocolate egg, complete with orange SMARTIES mini eggs inside (RRP £5.54) and responds to consumers love for orange SMARTIES – the only SMARTIES sweet with its own flavour.


New SMARTIES and MILKYBAR Farmyard Friends will see shoppers given the choice of four different foil-wrapped hollow chocolate animals from each brand, each RRP 65p. The four SMARTIES animals include a little chocolate pig, sheep, goat and chick, each containing mini SMARTIES inside. Whilst the MILKYBAR animals feature a cow, hen, duck and bunny, all made from the UK’s favourite white chocolate. Each Farmyard Friends outer will have a mix of all four of either the SMARTIES or MILKYBAR animals, so consumers can choose their favourite.

Easter impulse remains incremental to total impulse confectionery sales and is bought by 68% of UK households. Early season sales are critical, with 41% occurring during this time and growing all the time (36% more sales took place in the early season in 2017 than in 2016). Early season shoppers are also likely to repeat purchase so the advice for retailers is to ensure they are stocked up early with the right products.


Kids Added Value packs have three key roles within Easter: Top Up Gift, Main Gift or Egg Hunt. Fun Eggs make ideal main gifts as they are more gift worthy than other shell eggs such as Medium Eggs and deliver value through packaging, added gifts or novelty.

This year the popular SMARTIES Hen House and MILKYBAR Milkybarn packs (RRP £4.99) are back. They are the No.3 and No.5 best-selling Fun Eggs in the market and contain a chocolate egg as well as a foiled chocolate SMARTIES hen or MILKYBAR cow inside each box, which is also designed to be used as a puppet show for added family fun .


The MILKYBAR brand offers shoppers the heritage and trust those buying for kids look for in a gift. The MILKYBAR small egg is the third best-seller in the market and, as the only white chocolate offering, is a must stock for retailers. It will also benefit from the brand’s new ‘Milk First’ recipe which delivers the same great taste that consumers know and love from MILKYBAR but now with milk as the No.1 ingredient.

This will be joined by the new Orange SMARTIES Mini Eggs Insider Egg, and the popular QUALITY STREET and MUNCHIES Insider Eggs. Moving onto giant eggs, and the launch of another new product certain to have broad consumer appeal. The Nestlé Pick & Mix Giant Egg features a mix of four big brands: SMARTIES, ROLO, AERO Bubbles and TOFFEE CRISP. It brings a top selling sharing bag into the Easter Egg format.

Back for 2018 is the KITKAT Chunky giant egg – the priority pack for retailers with limited shelf space – as well as the Nestlé Caramel Collection giant egg, AERO Selection giant egg and YORKIE giant egg (all RRP £7.49).