It’s time to get saucy and win a year’s worth of free products

IT’S TIME to get saucy with a brand new supplier of all natural Gluten Free food and drink as they celebrate their launch with a unique competition.

Plain_Starkers(FB_Square)Plain Starkers unveiled its first premium curry sauce in October 2015 and is inviting food lovers across the country to share in its delights.

Richard Howarth, CEO of Plain Starkers, said “We’re really happy to be able to introduce our first product, a Mild Curry Mix, to consumers via Amazon, offering a nutritionally balanced and tasty product that is all natural.

“To mark this special time we are running a competition where the lucky winner will grab themselves the grand prize of one year’s supply of our Mild Curry Mix (Sauce – 24 Sachets) and two Balti Bowls.”

Passionate chef Mr Howarth was inspired to launch the range after struggling to find suitable recipes to cook for his granddad and sister, both recently diagnosed as Coeliac.

“There are over 50,000 people in the UK living with Coeliac Disease” said Mr Howarth, “and that’s only the people we know about.

“Many people are moving to Gluten Free alternatives because they assume they are healthier – that isn’t necessarily the case as many manufacturers use multiple manmade ingredients to attain the same texture and flavour as Gluten containing foods.

“Plain Starkers’ approach is much different. They use only natural ingredients and ‘old fashioned’ methods of cooking which don’t rely on the use of wheat or Gluten containing ingredients.”

Using only natural ingredients, Plain Starkers food and drink is free from Gluten, Artificial Colourings, Flavourings, Preservatives, Genetically Modified Ingredients and has no added Monosodium Glutamate.

Made in nut free factories by Foodmaker/Scobie & Junor, Plain Starkers Mild Curry Mix is nut free and vegetarian friendly too.

Plain Starkers’ competition is open to all UK residents over the age of eighteen and starts on 16th November 2015 and runs to 7th December 2015. Enter for free at: