JW FILSHILL Visit China to promote Scottish craft drinks

As Scottish craft beer and spirits enjoy a breakthrough in sales to China, JW Filshill, Scotland’s leading exporter of craft beer and spirits has embarked on a two-week trade visit to the country to build on a series of export deals and further enhance the reputation of Scotland’s craft brewing and distilling sector in Asia.

The trip by Glasgow-based export consolidator JW Filshill International takes in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, where Scottish products will be showcased at a series of major food and drink events, including the Food and Hotel China trade fair. Directors Christopher Miller (pictured) and Simon Hannah have a busy schedule of key meetings arranged over the two-week visit with existing customers and potential new importers.

While in Beijing Chris Miller, a respected veteran of the Scottish craft beer sector, who developed the Harviestoun Brewery business, has again been invited to join the judging panel of the Chinese Craft Beer Awards (CCBA), which he took part in last year. The CCBA was itself inspired by the Scottish Beer Awards, of which Mr Miller is a founding stakeholder and judge.

JW Filshill International, a subsidiary of JW Filshill, has spent the past four and a half years showcasing Scottish craft beer and spirits at trade shows internationally and establishing trading links with key importers and buyers.

Mr Miller also launched the Clan Brewing Company in 2014 with Scott Williams, who was crowned Master Brewer of the year at the Scottish Beer Awards in September. The Clan Brewing Co matures craft beers in regional single malt barrels and exports to Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan.