Keeping the forklifts rolling

With the launch of its new trak | charger HF premium series Hoppecke Industrial Batteries is pushing the boundaries of technological innovation to provide modern logistics operations with a sustainable and flexible way of managing their energy needs.

High quality reactive current compensation accommodates precise charging times, enabling Hoppecke’s new chargers to deliver a significant reduction in energy consumption which, in turn, enables businesses to minimise their CO2 emissions. By comparison with conventional 50Hz chargers energy savings are around 14% for each charging cycle and as part of an intelligent networked system energy usage can be up to 30% lower.

Adaptable charging processes and capacities allow the trak | charger HF premium series to cater for a huge range of industrial and commercial applications. As well as automatic recharging, irrespective of the state of the battery, a quick charge capability ensures that 95% of a battery’s original state of charge can be achieved within two and a half hours.

Hoppecke’s HF Premium chargers are suitable for wall and rack mounting and are easy to install, especially in locations where space is at a premium. Benefitting from two housing sizes, the compact chargers are compatible with all battery technologies, voltages and capacities and commissioning is achieved without large, cost-intensive electrical installations.

A modular structure means the chargers are highly adaptable. Thanks to parallel power output stages, forklifts can still be charged even if a module fails. The charging specification can also be adjusted to support differing charging strategies while automatic compensation charging contributes to a longer battery life.

Configuration of the parallel power output stages occurs automatically, without additional software, and is enabled via touch screen menus on a multi-colour display, which also provides access to data about the state of the charger, settings and run-time analyses.

New twin-chamber cooling with extra encapsulation not only ensures efficient cooling, especially in small spaces, but also protects sensitive electronic components against aerosols and conductive dust due to tyre wear. A lacquer coating on the circuit boards increases reliability while the control electronics and new power output stages are designed with energy-saving operation in mind.

Assessing performance and planning maintenance cycles couldn’t be simpler, since information about all battery charging cycles and their energy consumption is saved over the lifetime of the chargers.