L&B Blue portfolio expands with launch of Bright Air Filter

Imperial Tobacco is delighted to introduce L&B Blue Bright Air Filter, our latest Factory-Made Cigarette (FMC) innovation.

Bright Air Filter combines a recess in the filter tip with a firmer filter structure, with our research[1] suggesting that adult smokers in the Sub-Economy sector can expect the impression of a smoother, better quality smoking experience.

Imperial Tobacco Brand Manager Madeleine Pearce comments: “L&B Blue Bright Air Filter reinforces our commitment to innovation, satisfying the needs of modern adult smokers looking for a combination of premium features and smoother smoking experience at a great value price point.”

Imperial’s overall share of the Sub Economy sector currently stands at 46%[2], with L&B Blue contributing heavily to this success.

Launching 1 February, L&B Blue Bright Air Filter is available in King Size 20s with an RRP of £8.70[3].

[1] Market Screening Benchmarking, UK November 2017

[2] ITUK Estimates, October 2018

[3] RRP as of 1 February 2019. Retailers are always free to set their own prices.