Perfectly barbecued meat this summer

Ensure the meat you serve from your barbecue this summer is cooked to perfection by testing it with a Thermapen™ thermometer.

With temperature readings in under four seconds, you can test your meat is cooked properly, eliminating the risk of food poisoning from undercooked meat.  Don’t assume that if meat is charred on the outside that it will be cooked properly on the inside – the Thermapen takes away the guesswork and will give you an accurate temperature reading – ensuring your meat is cooked correctly every time.

Purchase a Thermapen thermometer this summer and you will receive a FREE barbecue cookbook that contains barbecue recipes, tips and recommended cooking temperatures. Priced at £48 excluding VAT and carriage, the Thermapen is available in eleven colours and is used worldwide by home cooks, barbecue enthusiasts and the catering trade.


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