Perfectly Clear delivering flavoured water to thirsty consumers

Amelia Parker, Brand Marketing Manager at Clearly Drinks, discusses the healthy living sector: The last few years have seen sugar step into the firing line, with consumers taking aim at areas of their diet where the sweet stuff can be reduced or eradicated. With the imminent ‘sugar tax’, the public’s growing preference for all things wholesome is set to hit the statute books. This will force retailers not already moving in a healthy direction to give sugar-free products serious consideration, meaning knock on effects to wholesale choices. Big soft drinks brands are investing heavily in zero or low-sugar reformulations of popular lines, as well as cashing in on the trend for high-end ‘posh pop’, with consumers accepting no compromise on quality nor taste when they do succumb to sugary drinks. It’s certainly no time for the flavoured water sector to sit idle.

The flavoured water market flourishes

With the big carbonated brands muscling in on the action, the water and water-plus sectors certainly risk a significant squeeze, but rather than an increase in competition hitting growth and sales, the opposite has happened. From 2016-17, sales growth in the US water-plus sector outstripped the soft drink sector, and we expect this trend to be reflected in UK figures too. Consumers are switching to natural and sugar-free flavoured water faster than they are discovering healthier soft drink options, and it’s a trend that we’re not surprised by. At Clearly Drinks, we’ve developed a fresh new identity for our Perfectly Clear brand, and we’re constantly driving product development to support wholesalers, and therefore retailers in delivering flavoured water to thirsty consumers looking for something healthy – and tasty.

The best sellers on fridge shelf

At Clearly Drinks, we’ve seen customers turn to fruit-focussed flavours in larger sizes, replacing the big bottles of pop that might previously have sat in the fridge door; 1.5l bottles have seen a 77% sales value increase year on year, with top 500ml flavours including Strawberry, Lemon & Lime, and Summer Fruit, averaging 20%. We’re also seeing consumers swap out the posh pop for the new sparkling Perfectly Clear Whisper range, with sophisticated flavours like Lemon & Mexican Lime contributing to growth across the entire brand. On top of this we’ve added a new flavour to our Perfectly Clear core 500ml range (Sparkling Elderflower), to complement the brand uplift.

Consumers refuse to compromise

It’s clear that customers won’t compromise on taste, as the boom in premium, independent carbonated alternatives shows, and they don’t want to compromise on looks either. Our recent rebrand, built on in-depth customer research, has ensured Perfectly Clear products look great, all the way down the supply chain.

Whether it’s eye-catching digital assets on social media, a new dynamic website, fresh POS packs for stores, or well-supported promotional material, wholesalers should find everything they need to help retailers focus on flavoured water sales. Top-selling still flavours are even available in wholesale-friendly multi-packs, listed at a competitive £1 RRP for four 500ml bottles. As one of the first flavoured water brands to hit the market some twenty years ago, Clearly Drinks has always been keen to support health-conscious consumers, and we’re always developing our products and brand, bringing wholesalers and retailers popular products supported by customer research and an exciting, vibrant and refreshing brand image.


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