Radnor Hills launch a Radnor Fizz multi pack

School compliant drinks specialists Radnor Hills have recently launched a unique retail pack for their Radnor Fizz range.

The brand is most popular amongst teenagers, having been sold widely in school canteens up and down the county for the past 15 years.

To produce a school compliant drink you must adhere to a strict set of rules outlined by the government in order for them to be sold in schools. Made with their own lightly sparkling spring water, they must contain no added sugar, with at least 45% real fruit juice in every bottle. Radnor Fizz boasts one of your recommended 5-a-day portions in each bottle along with being available in a variety of delicious fruity flavours.

The new retail packs are produced on Radnor Hills’s most recently installed state of the art production line which shrink wraps the four bottles into individual retail packs on a fully automated system. These packs are available in the top three bestselling flavours including Apple, Forest Fruits and Tropical.

“It’s so important that students stay hydrated whilst they are learning! These four packs will be the ideal solution for parents wanting to send their kids to school with a healthy alternative – we are delighted to have launched the pack and we looking forward to watching how well it performs within the retail sector” explains Chris Sanders, Radnor Hills Sales Director.

Radnor Hills are a family owned and run company based in Powys, mid-Wales. They produce around 250 million soft drinks bottles a year. The Radnor Fizz bottles are now also made out of 51% recycled PET which means they are a much more environmentally friendly option too.

Delivering healthier alternatives is one of Radnor’s key goals and they are leading the way in producing healthier solutions that are more suitable in for kids!

To find out more about the new packs email sales@radnorhills.co.uk or visit www.radnorhills.co.uk