Smint stays strong with new flavour hit

Smint-SpearmintSmint is looking to expand on its leading position in the UK power mint market by launching a new spearmint variant. The new Spearmint flavour is designed to compliment sales of Smint Mint which continues to perform well in impulse and convenience sectors. Research has shown that the new Spearmint flavour will appeal to a wide demographic with both Male and Female consumers enjoying the new Spearmint taste.

To celebrate the launch, the Smint range will benefit from a full packaging redesign which highlights the freshness qualities of Smint.

The new product is aimed at men and women between 16 – 34 years old and will be supported by an outdoor advertising campaign in major train stations and commuter areas this year.

Aimee Reason, Smint Brand Manager, comments “Spearmint and peppermint are the two best selling mint flavours across the board in the UK Mint market. Adding a spearmint variant alongside mint is a natural next step for the brand. We have refreshed the packaging to show a clear association with ‘Freshness’, the main driver when purchasing a power mint.

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