Tipp-Ex fabulous at 50!

tipp-exIn 1959, when Otto Whilem Carls launched the first ever typewriter correction tape, he couldn’t have known just how significant this innovation would become.

Fifty years on, Tipp-Ex® products remain an essential part of home and office life and are now the number one correction brand in the UK*.

Yolande de Trogoff, marketing manager at BIC says: “Even in an age of advanced technology, the correction product market continues to thrive.  Tipp-Ex® has evidently stood the test of time, through its strong brand identity and continued product innovation.”

This innovation is continuing with two new products for 2009, Tipp-Ex® Easy Refill and Micro Tape Twist.

BIC is capitalizing on the 19% growth of refillable tapes* with the new Tipp-Ex® Easy Refill. The convenient correction tape dispenser holds up to 14 metres of tape and can be refilled easily, keeping waste to a minimum.

The Micro Tape Twist features the added advantage of a patented rotating cap, protecting the tip from damage, ensuring prolonged durability.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, BIC is launching www.50tipp-ex.com on April 1 2009. The fun interactive website will give visitors the chance to win prizes and play games.

* Source: GFK Panelmarket Latest MAT Sep 08

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