Unitas Wholesale launches biggest independent out of home event

Members and supplier partners came together in record numbers to negotiate deals and plan for the future at the first Unitas Wholesale out of home event since Landmark Wholesale and Today’s Wholesale merged last year.

The first Meet the Member with Take Stock event took place from 2-3 July at the Nottingham Belfry, and brought together the largest gathering of independent out of home Unitas Wholesale members and supplier partners, all focussed on building long-term profitable relationships for a successful future.

The event saw more than 2,000 scheduled one-to-one meetings taking place over the two days. Members were also able to take advantage of an exclusive deal package negotiated by the Unitas Wholesale team with supplier partners.

“One of the most fantastic benefits of our Meet the Member with Take Stock event is the diverse nature of our membership and the incredible opportunities that this event creates for all parties involved,” said Les Mohammed, Senior Trading Controller, Unitas Wholesale. “Members, suppliers and our central office team meet in a neutral environment that mixes productive, focussed business meetings with the opportunity to further grow relationships through social occasions, making the event both efficient and effective for everyone.”

“Meet the Member with Take Stock has been a very well organised event and one we’ve really benefitted from attending,” said Dharam Bhamra, Wanis International Foods. “We have been incredibly busy with meetings and it has been a huge success for us.”

“The Nottingham Belfry has been a great venue and one of the best events I have been to,” said Suzanne Winship, RH Amar.

Robert Coupe, Oncore Foodservice said: “We have had a very productive two days at Meet the Member with Take Stock and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to have a second event later in the year.”