Walkers Nonsuch family toffee makers for generations

250g-Toffees-&-EclairsThe independent family company has recently launched a new 150g bag range and to further ‘promote’ this new design and theme; Walkers have designed a gift range to match. The range includes a new Selection & Duo Hammer Pack and a 250g box of Assorted Toffees & Chocolate Éclairs.

Walkers’ toffee, a favourite for over 100 years, remains an independent family company. Made to a unique recipe that has barely changed since the company began, the toffees contain no artificial colours, preservatives, or hydrogenated vegetable oils.  More importantly, what is does contain is whole milk and real butter creating an indulgent treat.

Selection Hammer Pack includes four 100g bars in Original, Nutty Brazil, Luxury Fruit and Nut and Traditional Treacle and comes with a cute toffee hammer not forgetting instructions on how to break this traditional treat. A plentiful family gift retailing from £4.50.

Making up the Duo Hammer Pack, is Original Creamy Toffee and Nutty Brazil bars again with it’s own dinky toffee hammer and retails from just £2.99.

Selection-Hammer-PackTo complete this new ‘gift range’ Assorted Toffee and Chocolate Éclairs 250g gift box contains 5 varieties of twist wrapped toffees and retails from £2.49.

The design depicts a young boy flying his kite with his dog and the old authentic Walkers’ delivery van on it’s journey. The range is colour co-ordinated and will bring a point of difference to any confectionery display for all year round gifting.

For further information on Walkers’ Nonsuch and its complete range of speciality toffee products, please call 01782 321525 or visit their website at www.walkers-nonsuch.co.uk