“Winning In Wholesale” report confirms price not the biggest factor in brand success

A new report entitled “Winning in Wholesale” has been launched which highlights the importance to brand owners of adding value over price to achieve greater success across the out of home wholesale marketplace.

The report has been commissioned by specialist Foodservice agency The Hub as part of its commitment to the wider Foodservice channel. Over the past 15 years, The Hub has been linking brands, people, knowledge, and markets, in new and creative ways and the ‘Winning in Wholesale’ report is the most recent demonstration of the agency’s creative thinking and strategic understanding.

The Hub commissioned the exclusive report to find out just what decision makers across the wholesale sector, want and expect from their branded suppliers – particularly in today’s challenging market conditions.

Engaging with all of the major players, as well as regional and specialist distributors, the report’s creators conducted independent interviews with a range of stakeholders from company directors, buyers, development chefs, and marketing professionals and the results were compelling. The message that value is about more than price came across loud and clear, as did the fact that traditional market knowledge and experience are critical to the success of these partnerships. This value came in the shape of telesales engagement and training, as well as offering genuine advice and inspiration to end-users. Traditional ra-ra days were seen as massively influential at the point of purchase, and brands engaging in this manner were often more successful – and certainly less likely to be as challenged on pure price.

Rebecca Riches, founder and managing director of The Hub said “At The Hub, we believe in developing strategic and engaging trade marketing programs for brands to connect with their customers. To properly create these bonds, brands need to recognise what their wholesaler partners need in support, as well as driving value for end users. Having spoken to the widest possible section of the wholesale market, we have created the “Winning in Wholesale” report to pull these learnings together and to share with the wider brand community. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive so far.

“We know that every brand team is committed to the success of its brand – and this report is just one way we want to help bring the whole industry closer together for the benefit of everyone.”

The full “Winning in Wholesale” report is available from The Hub

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