In front of millions, the importance of having access to a defibrillator was clearly demonstrated in the Euro’s Denmark vs Finland match.  Defibrillator sales have soared as the whole world realised that anyone can suffer a sudden cardiac arrest, even the young and super fit.  Aero Healthcare is helping wholesalers to maximise the opportunities and value of this market. 
Aero Healthcare’s Automated External Defibrillator (AED) portfolio has the highest global market share for defibrillators in the world, and a range of devices growing at a rate of double the AED market rate in UK.  As the master distributors of the most technically advanced defibrillators in the country, Aero Healthcare have supplied the largest roll out of AEDs across the UK.

With the ability to deploy defibrillators to multiple locations across the UK, the company is currently responding to and fulfilling an unprecedented level of demand.  But most importantly, backed by global purchasing power, Aero Healthcare is providing an assured supply, reliability and continuity for wholesalers, thus enabling them to respond to the exceptional increase in sales, without being impacted by the highly publicised supply chain issues.

Quantifying the huge business opportunity that is currently at the fore, Oscar Palmer, Commercial Director of Aero Healthcare UK explained; “Currently the UK is way behind other countries when it comes to the provision of defibrillators in public places.  And, the UK does not currently have enough AED’s in place to improve these statistics.  Now, with the importance of these units being so clearly highlighted; businesses are recognising the urgent need for correctly assessed defibrillator requirements, and Aero Healthcare is enabling the start of a lifesaving change.” He continued “Each one-minute delay in using a defibrillator after a cardiac arrest reduces the chance of survival by 10%.  Businesses, public spaces, sporting venues, transport hubs and education complexes now want to prevent unnecessary deaths and are procuring and installing multiple devices to reduce time delays in an emergency.”

AEDs with different functionalities are required to suit a range of diverse and complex location variables.  Aero Healthcare’s longstanding partnership with Stryker, the manufacturers of the extensive HeartSine and LifePak ranges, guarantees all needs can be catered for.  A tailored service from start to finish that is coupled with extensive wholesale support in the form of point of sale materials, training and technical support is assured; along with the uninterrupted provision of supplies which are held and dispensed direct from Aero Healthcare’s UK distribution centers.

Whilst offering extensive training as part of a complete service package to both wholesalers and end user, many of Aero Healthcare’s defibrillators are designed to be used without prior instruction.  Across the easy to use range, benefits include intuitive visual and verbal prompting and; the fastest charge times available on the market.  Crucial when every second counts.

The range also includes the LifePak CR2’s superior technology which allows lifesaving shocks to be delivered in more cases than any other device.  A significantly enhanced impedance range (skin resistance range) enables the delivery of an effective shock, regardless of chest size, skin tone, muscle build or age.  All vital considerations that can be easily overlooked; and all key markers for every defibrillator as they analyse the need to deliver, or not, a shock to save a life.

Wholesalers can trust that the full defibrillator range carries the exacting International Quality Standards mark, along with a 100% guarantee and the new UKCA mark.  Robust and tested to Military Standard 810F; full compliance with the new Medical Devices Regulation is also assured, as is the outstanding service and full support that is provided to the wholesale sector.

As industry leaders, the Aero Healthcare defibrillator team are widely recognised as the most experienced consultants in EMEA for establishing or implementing a connected solution. Delivering a complete solution coupled with experienced and ongoing support, the dispatch of installers and maintenance teams to any location in the country; and the remote management of large defibrillator fleets is part of the service.  In addition, the supply of housing cabinets, mobile protective Peli cases and a range of cost effective and simple management solutions are all part of a solutions package wholesalers may offer when negotiating a sales opportunity.

For more information on Aero Healthcare’s defibrillators and support services go to, email or call 01403 790704.   Downloadable information resources are also available on the website, along with information on Aero Healthcare’s full range of First Aid and Consumer Wound Care products.

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