LINPAC Allibert, global expert in plastic returnable transit packaging for the food, retail and manufacturing sectors, has launched a versatile pallet collar that can easily convert to a bulk container. The new multi-purpose pallet collar is designed to protect uneven and irregularly shaped loads, as well as eliminate the health and safety issues associated with wooden pallet collars, such as sharp edges, splinters and slippery surfaces when wet.

A typical unit of a plastic pallet (1200mm x 1000mm or 1200mm x 800mm) and four collars can be transformed into a bulk container in seconds and stacked two high, capable of carrying a unit load of 500 kg, or a combined load of one tonne, assuming the pallet can carry a tonne.

A flexible alternative to bulk boxes, the different height options mean customers cut down on the transport of part empty containers, saving time and money.

It also minimises the need to lean in to a bulk box as the pallet collars can be built up in 30 cm stages. When not in use, the collars fold flat and nest, seven folded units inside one assembled 1200 x 1000mm collar, reducing the use of space both in storage and transport, and thereby helping to cut supply chain costs.

LINPAC Allibert Commercial Director UK & Ireland, Danilo Oliynik explains: “These pallet collars are ideal for any application, where multiple boxes of uneven sizes may need to be protected and moved on and off vehicles easily. This could be in retail, waste management or even for an office clear out. They make for a practical solution that also helps reduce cost in several ways, as well as helping customer to comply with packaging waste regulations and reduce their carbon footprint.

Though they are tough and long-lasting you also know at the end of their working life the material can be recycled.

“They are also hygienic, easy to clean and safe to handle, helping to optimise health and safety compliance in manual handling and logistics operations.”

LINPAC Allibert

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