As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, Lomond: The Wholesale Food Co has added six electric vehicles to its company car fleet.

“We’re delighted to add electric vehicles to our fleet as we are committed to delivering a greener, more eco-friendly service for our customers,” said Barbara Henderson, Director. “We’re firmly committed to reducing our impact on the environment and our target is to move our full sales team over to electric cars by the end of 2021.”

In addition, there are 20 new improved hybrid refrigeration 7.5 tonne commercial vehicles on order, due in the coming weeks plus Lomond will be trialling a fully electric commercial vehicle later this year to deliver into the local Glasgow area.

The introduction of electric vehicles forms just one element of the Glasgow-based wholesaler’s commitment to increasing its sustainability. It has recently installed an air curtain door on the 1,000 pallet freezer chamber to prevent the escape of cold air which saves significant energy. The wholesaler has also pledged to source products locally where possible to further cut down on emissions and support local businesses.

“We continue to take an active decision to source as many products locally as we can,” said Barbara. “Not only is this supporting our local economy, we’re also reducing the environmental impact of transporting goods further afield.

“As an example, we now stock a range of Scottish chicken which historically has been sourced from Brazil or Thailand. We have since evolved this further by connecting the Scottish raw poultry supplier with a Scottish meat processor who is now supplying us with cooked chicken products made to our specification under our own label, which are perfect for the lunchtime market.”

The Lomond are also celebrating after being awarded the highest level AA BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution, accreditation that is specifically designed for logistics operations dealing with food, packaging and consumer products.

“We’re thrilled that we’ve retained this important accreditation which sets a benchmark for the sector,” said Barbara. “This reflects the incredibly hard work the team has put in, particularly during the challenging period of the pandemic, as well as our focus on always delivering the very highest level of service for our customers.”

During the audit, Lomond was assessed on elements such as organisational structure, responsibility and management, hazard and risk analysis, site and building standards, facility management, personnel and more.

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