The days of spending hours at the local shops are well gone and appear, to some, to be a far distance off. While there is some light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the distribution of the long-sought-after vaccines, there is still some way to go before we will be partaking in these types of activities again.

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Wholesalers and grocery stores alike have been providing excellent service throughout lockdown, ensuring that we have continual access to anything that we might need as shoppers. Let’s not forget, they were one of the establishments providing a vast number of toilet rolls during the first lockdown when everyone was bulk buying.

If you are the manager of a shop – including wholesalers and cash and carry – and are looking for ways to reassure the customers that your establishment is safe during the latest lockdown, look no further! We have some helpful suggestions listed below, so keep reading for more.

Enforcing Social Distancing Measures

This is being advised by the government, of which people should be sticking to during their time in stores and other enclosed spaces; it should be maintained and enforced to ensure the safety of the customers themselves and the shop workers.

While wholesalers are larger than the typical shops on the high street, with more room to socially distance from others, this does not mean that you should not work to ensure that those in the wholesalers are socially distancing. Allowing your customers and employees to have ample room while in the shop reassures them that it is a safe shopping environment.

Furthermore, enforcing the wearing of face masks in areas where you cannot socially distance is another practical way of encouraging customers that the environment is safe; they too will be contributing towards this safety, and it should be enforced wherever possible.

Scheduling Regular Cleaning of the Premises

There will be some customers and employees out there who will feel safer knowing that the shopping environment is a clean and sterile one. You can do several things as a wholesaler or shop manager to reassure those who grace your shop that it is a safe place to be, and using the services of a commercial cleaner regularly, is one of them. Ideal Cleaning is one of the companies providing disinfectant fogger services in the UK. Using commercial cleaning services like these, in your store, is sure to get into the small, sometimes missed corners, ensuring a clean environment in no time. To find out more about the commercial cleaning services that they offer and how you can make them work for your business, check this website for more.

Limiting the Number of People in the Store at One Time

Another thing that has become commonplace in the shopping environment throughout the various lockdowns but one that is also essential when wanting to promote a safe environment for those venturing in it. By limiting and monitoring the number of customers in the shop or wholesalers at one time, you are making it easier for everyone to distance themselves.

By staying on top of the practices you are putting in place and reviewing them regularly to ensure that they are working, you will soon have happy-to-be-there customers in your shop who recognise that it is a safe, sterile environment.

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