Orang-u-tangys-4-resizedEarlier this year leading baking experts, Paterson Arran, launched an innovative new snack product, that takes a quirky approach to the ever-popular cookie.

Targeting the children’s and adult snack market, Paterson’s Cookie Buttons are a flavoursome portion controlled product (24g), ideal for lunchboxes, snacking and eating on the go.

Broadening the appeal of cookies, Cookie Buttons come in two different flavours that are reduced in saturated fat; Choc Chip Shortbread (2.7% sat fat) and Fruit and Oat (1.6%). On-shelf appeal is maximised with eye-catching, bold packaging.

Allan Miller, Sales & Marketing Director for Paterson’s, said: “At Paterson’s we continually strive to create new products that will capture the imagination of consumers, and Cookie Buttons do just that. They are a firm favourite snacking treat and ideal for school lunchboxes, office desk dining and snacking on the go.”

“The palm-oil issue remains high on our agenda and we can now add Cookie Buttons to the expanding list of Paterson’s palm-oil free products. We remain committed to this important issue not only because of the health benefits but more importantly the strong environmental message.”

Cookie Buttons come in strips of three packs, with perforations, and each case contains 18 strips.


Paterson’s take fresh approach to British classics

In March 2010, respected foodservice brand Brontë took a fresh approach to two classic British treats when they created their latest goodies – Giant Custard Creams and Giant Bourbon Creams.

Weighing 65g each, the Giant Custard Cream has a deliciously crumby biscuit base and top, filled with a creamy custard centre, while the Giant Bourbon Cream has the all the features of a traditional bourbon with a full-on chocolatey filling.

Patersons-Trad-twistAllan Miller, Sales & Marketing Director for Brontë, said: “This new format offers consumers something that little bit different. We took a unique approach to two of the nation’s favourite biscuits and our consumer tests revealed the potential popularity of these products. Made with all butter cream fillings, we`re taking the biscuits back to their original roots.

“Both biscuits are made to a nut free and GM free recipe, do not contain any preservatives or additives, are suitable for vegetarians and use only the best ingredients. Most importantly all of the range is made to a palm oil free recipe so are orangutan friendly.” Each outer case contains two shelf ready display trays. Each tray holds 14 cookies.


Orang-u-tangys hit the shelves nationwide

Leading baking experts, Paterson Arran, secured multiple listings for their reduced-saturated fat, jungle and orangutan-themed shortbread snack, Orang-u-tangys.

From April, the first portion controlled children’s shortbread snack, packed with real fruit flavour and tangy orange pieces, was available in Sainsbury’s stores across Scotland, including flagship stores in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Asda soon followed with a national listing and Tesco’s Scottish stores now also stock the brand.

Aimed at children aged 5 to 12 years, Orang-u-tangys come in three distinctive orangutan-shaped bites and a quirky leaf shape. Paterson’s snack is big on taste, with 0.4g saturated fat and approximately 113 calories per 25g bag: on-shelf stand-out is maximised with six individual bags contained in a bright and colourful orange outer bag.

Giant-Bourbon-&-Custard-Cream-2Providing the perfect after-school snack or lunchtime treat, Orang-u-tangys are not only palm oil and gm free but they are free from artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives and hydrogenated fats.

Commenting on the listings, Allan Miller, Sales & Marketing Director for Paterson’s said: “We were excited to announce the listings with Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco, and have had a fantastic response from both children and adults alike – especially as a lunchtime snack. We look forward to building on these successes in 2011, with further trade and retail listings on our hit list.”


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