The UK’s No1 gravy will offer more servings in less packaging 

Premier Foods has shrunk the amount of packaging used in its best-selling gravy drum in a bid to reduce the brand’s environmental impact.

The height of each Bisto drum has been reduced by 8mm in a move that will save 40 tonnes of paper annually.

The reduction required significant changes to Premier Food’s Bisto manufacturing line in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. This includes replacing the sensors on the production line so that the shorter drums can be detected, as well as making alterations to the drum’s sealing and capping machines, all while ensuring the serve size wasn’t reduced.

Savan Sabharwal, Marketing Controller, Bisto explains: “Reducing the height of our drum without cutting back on gravy granules was complex as we need to allow headspace in our tubs for the gravy granules to settle in transit. Typically, a reduction in pack size means less product, but we know that when it comes to gravy, more is more, and that just wouldn’t do.”

From now on, shoppers will receive an additional 20g of gravy granules (190g) – approximately six more portions per tub, in packaging that uses fewer environmental resources. The price per portion remains the same.

Savan adds: “Reducing the size of our drum is a great example of how small changes can ladder up to make a big difference. We make around 50 million Bisto gravy drums each year and so change of this scale requires real collaboration. We’re really pleased to have found a more sustainable solution while retaining the quality of Bisto that people love and expect.”

The brand is applying these changes to all its gravy drums which include Chicken, Onion, Turkey and Vegetable.

In addition to the height reduction, Bisto is exploring alternative materials for its recyclable plastic lid on its popular drums.

Today’s announcement follows the introduction of a recyclable sachet for Premier Food’s Bisto Best Gravy Granules range, which is the first recyclable format of its kind and forms part of the company’s ambition to reach 100% recyclable materials by 2025.

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