Commissioner_04The start-up of a fully automated high bay warehouse for health and beauty retailer dm markt GmbH in Enns, Austria, represents yet another successful project by SSI Schaefer.

dm markt GmbH offers its customers an extensive range of products from beauty and health, baby and child, household supplies to photo services and pet food as well as a number of seasonal items. In order to maintain and improve upon efficiency levels within its distribution centre in Enns, Austria, the health and beauty retailer called in SSI Schaefer to take advantage of its state-of-the-art IT solutions.


Supplying to over 354 stores in Austria as well as eight distribution centres in Central and Eastern Europe, dm markt GmbH’s existing, partially automated, distribution facility, with a floor space of 25,000 m2, was restructured and modernised to cope with various volumes of approximately 8,900 different items.

SSI Schaefer dealt with the modernisation project in two phases:

• Phase One comprised the installation of a container conveying system including 11 picking and four repacking stations, five automated small parts warehouse aisles as well as six high-speed picking     devices serving as high-performance picking buffers.

• Phase Two focused on a pallet conveying system including a fully automated five-aisle high bay     warehouse for single and double-deep storage. The pallet conveying system was linked to the existing electrical overhead conveyor.

The existing control system of the electrical overhead conveyor and the pallet conveying system was replaced by the warehouse management system WAMAS. The WAMAS material flow system, built on three level, controls the transport-related processes starting with the arrival of goods. Four repacking stations serve as the basis to prepare the goods for temporary storage in the small parts warehouse. Once the goods have been repacked they are transported to respective storage areas.

Branch-related picking of slow and medium-paced moving consumer goods are handled at 11 picking locations according to the “goods-to-man principle”. Pick by light and put to light displays guide warehouse staff through the picking process. Four cross-transfer carriages supply the warehouse and roller tracks, where fast moving consumer goods are picked.

Thanks to state-of-the-art solutions designed and installed by SSI Schaefer, the health and beauty retailer is now equipped to deal with continuously increasing customer demands.

The new fully automated warehouse provides capacity of approximately 57,400 containers and 3,200 pallet storage locations – daily turnover, solely in the automated small parts warehouse, accounts for 35,000 order items.

SSI Schaefer

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