Cat owners to be invited to become ‘New Face of pura’ as part of national pet month

golden-granules.jpgMarket leading PURA premium brand of kitty litter is inviting cat owners to enter a competition to become ‘The New Face of Pura’ as part of National Pet Month (5th April – 5th May). The winner will take part in a professional photographic shoot, receive an initial £300 modelling fee and see themselves and their cat featuring in a new advertising campaign for PURA famous “Golden Granules” cat litter. The winners will also receive a pallet of PURA worth nearly £1000 of cat litter to donate to the animal charity of their choice. PURA will also donate a bag of its best selling cat litter to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, for every hundred entries it receives. Celia Hammond was one of the leading fashion models of the 1960s.

“The competition is not just open to professional cat breeders of exotic varieties or celebrity cat owners (although their entries are very welcome), we also want to receive entries from ordinary cat lovers and their moggies,” said Pura’s President of Marketing, Vijay Chaudhari. “The competition could be the start of a lucrative modelling career.”

To enter competitors simply send a photo of themselves and their cat to and complete the sentence “………..(cat’s name) loves PURA because ……..” .

National Pet Month brings together UK animal charities, professional bodies, pet businesses and animal lovers with the common goal of improving animal welfare

The material, sourced from the Bentonite mines of Ashapura Group – which owns the PURA brand – has natural property of not supporting bacterial life, eliminating potential skin infections, and disease noxious odour. A naturally inert material, Bentonite is also used for medicinal purpose and in cosmetics for face packs

Consumers also have a choice of PURA litters with added scents of Jasmine, Lavender and Baby Powder, which release their pleasant fragrances when wet. Look out for special offer PURA packs with FREE 50% extra material, scoops, litter trays and stainless steel bowls!

Enquiries: Vijay Chaudhar