The British are globally recognised as a nation of passionate snackers, setting the pace for the rest of Europe to follow in terms of consumption and demand for new treats.

Our suppliers in this feature each have their individual propositions but they all agree on one thing – the UK snacking market is driven by three factors, health, taste and innovation and it’s the perfect place to be in business. Research shows that as our meals become more snack-like in our busy lives, suppliers are introducing more authentic food values into their snack products. The Better for You snack category is quoted as worth £348m and growing 8% YOY.

The first supplier featured in this overview, Calbee, Japan’s No.1 snack manufacturer bought Bradford-based Seabrook Crisps last October to further its objective to grow internationally and establish a foothold in Europe. As our snacking tastes get heathier the combination of Seabrook’s, Britain’s fastest growing crisp brand and Yushoi branded oven baked pea snaps gives Calbee greater reach in the crisps and snacks market.

The UK’s snacking habit is growing and growing. As people’s lifestyles continue to get busier, says Jon Wood, Commercial Director of Calbee UK, consumers have less time for sit-down meals, and eating on the go is on the rise. Snacking brilliant sales with Seabrook Retailers can take simple steps to cash in on rising on-the go snacking, such as positioning crisps near the till to entice consumers to pick up a pack while visiting the store for something else.

Space allocations are key. “Popcorn grew as retailers gave it greater space, but once space was reduced, sales started to slow,” says Jon Wood. “The same is true for healthier products and sharing snacks and crisps. As nuts’ shelf space has grown, so have sales of nuts. Most of our category is driven by shelf space creating sales increases.”

Seabrook’s 31.8g bags come in a range of flavours including Prawn Cocktail and Lamb & Mint, Sea Salted, Salt & Vinegar and Cheese & Onion. They also make larger 80g bags for sharing, including the new £1 80g Crinkle Cut PMPs, with flavours including Sea Salted, Cheese and Onion and Beefy. Seabrook is poised for further growth following an extremely successful 2018, which saw the brand team up with Alton Towers as the theme park’s exclusive savoury snack partner, supported by a national marketing campaign. Building on last year’s partnership, Seabrook is continuing in 2019 as Alton Towers category exclusive partner, offering two for one entry worth up to £56 per pack, backed by increased TV spend plus radio and social media. The offer runs across Crinkle Cut Multipacks, 80g PMPs and 31.8g bags.

Also part of Calbee’s portfolio, the Yushoi brand has experienced continuous growth for the past three years, up 20% annually to £6.7m. Yushoi’s baked pea snaps cater to health-conscious consumers with naturally healthy ingredients and added nutritional value.

The Yushoi range is CQUIN compliant, perfect for NHS stockists and foodservice contract caterers. Fully vegetarian, the oven-baked pea snaps are a source of protein, high in fibre with 90 calories or less per serving and all flavours except Sour Cream & Chive are suitable for vegans. The gluten-free snacks have all green and amber GDA’s, a much healthier option than traditional crisps and snacks. Flavours include Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, Sweet Chilli with Lemon, Lightly Sea Salted and new flavour Sour Cream & Chive, launching in July, when Yushoi is also unveiling new packaging across the range.

The UK’s snacking day starts early, fuelled by targeted products like Mondelez’s belVita breakfast biscuits. Melissa Stuart, Brand Manager for belVita at Mondelez International says: “We’re proud to give the nation energy for the whole morning. Our delicious range of breakfast biscuits are made with five wholegrains and provide slow release carbohydrates hour after hour, making them a convenient and nutritious choice.

The UK’s number one healthy biscuit brand, belVita is re-energising the breakfast biscuits category, focusing on its taste and quality credentials in its innovation, packaging and communication. Health and wellbeing are growing, but taste remains the number one factor to drive purchase, says Melissa Stuart, and belVita’s great taste has earned the brand its categoryleading 61%. repeat rate. The brand continues to leverage this, offering tasty choices that tap into wellbeing trends and drive healthy biscuits’ household penetration.

belVita Seeds and Berries comes in two flavours, Raspberry & Chia Seeds and Blueberry and Flax Seeds. The brand is also launching its first ever reduced sugar variant belVita Chocolate Chip with 30% less sugar, including the much-loved chocolate chip taste but with 30% less sugar, reflecting that low sugar content is currently the most important criteria for breakfast biscuits.

These launches will be supported with a brand new £3.5M marketing campaign with TV, OOH, digital, social, PR and in-store activations. The existing range is also being given a new look. To help retailers define and segment their main fixtures and highlight a ‘breakfast biscuit’ section, Mondelez offer shelf strips, available on Free promotional posters and product dispensers are also available.

Jodie Wood, Business Unit Controller at Ferrero says Ferrero are also seeing an increasing trend for mid-morning snacking, with 54% of consumers looking for smaller snacks that won’t ruin their appetites. Over two thirds of us (69%) snack daily, with products commonly eaten on-the-go. Even so, home is still our favourite place to snack overall, with evening a key time. Ferrero report consumers becoming more and more aware of enjoying a balanced and varied diet and looking for snacks to match. Nutella B-ready is perfect for mid-morning snacking, with its crunchy wafer shell filled with Nutella, containing 115 calories. Last November Ferrero expanded their Nutella B-Ready range with a new 10- pack for larger households.

Walkers is highlighting its ‘Better For You’ portfolio with ‘Taste Us. Love Us,’ the first ever taste guarantee promotion across its ranges, to help retailers drive sales and tackle the misconceptions regarding taste in the segment. The ‘Better For You’ portfolio covers a range of leading PepsiCo products including reduced fat, wholegrain and corn snacks such as Snack-A-Jacks, Sunbites and Walkers Oven Baked, which meet the trend for smarter food choices.

Michal Iwasyszyn, Marketing Manager for the Better for You portfolio at PepsiCo UK, comments: “We know that shoppers’ number one concern when choosing smarter snacks is the perceived inferior taste, but as soon as they try our products, the repeat purchase rate is phenomenal. Snack-AJacks, Sunbites and Walkers Oven Baked are all great tasting so we have no doubt this campaign will be a real success for retailers.”

Walkers is also launching its BEST EVER Cheese & Onion flavour, says Fernando Kahane, Walkers Marketing Director, backed by the biggest marketing campaign in the brand’s history, which is set to reach 98% of the UK. The nation’s favourite crisp brand and Spice Girls teamed up in a 90 second ad that premiered on ITV on Sunday 2nd June during the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ ad break. The ad shows the lengths some people will go to avoid sharing their Walkers crisps— even rejecting the Spice Girls…

The campaign, starring the Best Ever Cheese & Onion flavour, launched with the UK’s largest media simulcast across cinema screens, digital and social platforms, all TV channels plus Pub & Gym TV at the same time. The campaign will last throughout June and July.

Matt Collins, KP Snacks Trading Director says snacks are worth £589m in impulse, with crisps and snacks accounting for 93%. Crisps, snacks and nuts are a strong footfall driver and one of the fastest growing categories for onthe- go purchasing. KP Snacks’ range of crisps and snacks is growing +8.1% annually, ahead of the overall category’s +5.6% growth rate.

Crisps and snacks are a vital sales opportunity, with 96% of people eating snacks and 69% of those doing so at least once a day.

One key trend showing no sign of slowing, says Matt, is the demand for healthier products. Healthy snacking occasions are growing +10.4% YOY, ahead of the category. KP have been expanding their portfolio to meet this demand, with the introduction of Hula Hoops Puft and acquisition of the popchips business. They have also relaunched KP Nuts, with stand-up packs and resealable closures across nine SKUs, and a stand-out “sunshine” design highlighting the protein and fibre contents.

Price and pack size are also important factors to shoppers purchasing on-thego, says Matt Collins. Stocking a variety of PMP’s is a great way for wholesalers to provide retailers with an opportunity to capitalise on this trend.

Matt quotes research showing 83% of retailers say PMPs sell faster than non- PMPs. 82% stock PMPs to stay competitive and 59% are more likely to stock new products in a PMP format. £1 PMP ranges are growing +19.4% across the market but KP Snacks are seeing even bigger demand with their £1 PMP range growing +44% and the 39p singles range also performing strongly, at +29.2%.

New from KP this year, McCoy’s Muchos taps into the growing popularity of Mexican, one of the UK’s biggest food trends. McCoy’s Muchos are a new and innovative corn, wheat and potato based crisp with a unique blend of 6 spices and beans locked into the base before being seasoned with full on Mexican flavours. This double layered, folded tortilla snack offers a light and crispy puffed texture, combining full-on moreish flavour, texture and tortilla.

Available in Smoky Chilli Chicken, Nacho Cheese and Cool Sour Cream & Onion the range is already worth £5m RSV in the first 19 weeks since launch. Many consumers stick with what they know and love, so when it comes to snacking crisps will always be at the heart of the category, says Matt Smith, Marketing Director of Golden Wonder, part of Tayto Group. Flavour remains number one driver, as consumers remain unwilling to compromise taste for health:

“Eating more healthily is increasingly important to many people but with snacks, most are unwilling to compromise on taste. Consumers recognise that snacks, like confectionery, are treats and need to be ‘worth the calories.’ All Golden Wonder’s snacks are fully flavoured, whether it’s the iconic Cheese & Onion crisps or ‘lighter’ options like Ringos, which has seen phenomenal growth in the past year, outpacing the market at +62.2% versus +9.6%, partly driven by multi-packs.

Snacks offer one of the broadest range of products, flavours and brands in any category, says Matt Smith, and continue to drive interest and sales. Another key trend is the growth of sharing packs. Golden Wonder’s leading brands are available in £1 PMPs as well as multipacks, impulse and grab bags.

Meat snacks is an under-appreciated market, worth £55m and growing +3.9% YoY. “Pork scratchings have a loyal following,” says Matt Smith, “as consumers crave the rich flavour and salty crunch that other snacks just can’t match. Tayto’s Mr Porky remains the UK’s number one pork snacks brand, with 44.9% share and attracts more buyers to the category than any other brand.”

Mr Porky Crispy Strips are in doubledigit growth, offering all the taste of a traditional pork scratching but a lighter bite. Retailers benefit from stronger margins, since pork snacks are VATfree. Tayto Group’s research highlights that pork scratchings are consumed by women as much as men.

Crisps remain a firm favourite with consumers and still account for almost a quarter of all sales but, in a mature market, growth is a challenge. However Golden Wonder Crisps is bucking the trend, growing faster than the market at +15.8% vs -2.0%.

Matt Smith says: “Our growth comes from focusing on what consumers love – great tasting, fully-flavoured crisps. Taste is everything and Golden Wonder is famous for distinctive strong flavours. Many people have fond memories of growing up with Golden Wonder but we are also attracting younger consumers who love our crisps. As a brand that pioneered on-pack promotions in the 1970’s, we’ve returned to our roots. After a highly successful promotion last year, we’re currently running our “Wonder What I’ve Won” promotion on over 22 million packs of Golden Wonder Crisps and Ringos, supported nationally through digital media and a heavyweight TV campaign in our Scottish heartland.”

Consumer response has been phenomenal, with over 200,000 entries to date and consumers actively sharing photos of themselves with their prizes on social media.

Delivering on taste while offering a ‘lighter’ solution is one reason Golden Wonder Ringos is also growing faster than the market (+62.2% vs +9.6%), as it delivers all the taste Golden Wonder is famous but with less than 100 calories per serving. Similarly, Mr Porky Crispy Strips sales have grown 41%, as they deliver all the taste of traditional pork scratchings but with a light, crispy texture and 30% less fat.

Katy Hamblin, Marketing Manager of Pipers Crisps, says wholesalers should encourage retailers to trade up and focus on premium snacks and brands with strong shelf presence:

“Ever-more sophisticated consumer tastes have forced retailers to premiumise their snacks to include more sophisticated flavours and superior provenance, which is driving sales growth in this category.”

Katy Hamblin says premium crisps are one of the best-performing types of snack, almost doubling their on-trade penetration in under five years. Offering a significant advantage over ‘standard’ and ‘value’ crisps in rate of sale and price/margin, premium crisps command around a 30% price premium over quality mainstream products:

“Premium crisps offer a great opportunity to grow sales and increase margin, by meeting consumer demand for greater sophistication and food provenance. Premium crisps are the perfect snack for more discerning customers who don’t mind paying for high quality, great-tasting products.”

Lye Cross Cheddar and Onion and Burrow Hill Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt continue to be Pipers’ best-selling crisps, says Katy Hambli. Pipers’ Wild Thyme & Rosemary crisps work really well paired with more exotically flavoured gins. Sharing bags are increasingly popular as consumers make the most of a big night in.

With the increasing importance of healthier eating, growing numbers are choosing a gluten-free diet because they are gluten intolerant or suffer from coeliac disease. All Pipers Crisps are gluten-free, wheat-free and barley-free. Most are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, including the two newest flavours, Wild Thyme & Rosemary and Jalapeño & Dill.

Pipers is a two-time winner of the prestigious DBA Design Effectiveness Award, recognising packaging design’s effectiveness in helping win new customers. Pipers recently underwent a packaging ‘refresh,’ giving more emphasis to the ‘Piper’ man at the heart of the brand identity.

Founded by Kingstonian Edward Johnston in 2000, Port Royal is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Caribbean patties, based on traditional family recipes. In March the business launched a new range of Big Up! patties in collaboration with Encona Sauces, the ethnic table sauces market leader: “We identified Encona as the perfect partner to collaborate with, as we were always dipping our patties in their sauce anyway!” said Edward Johnston, Port Royal MD and founder.

“Because of its authenticity, the Port Royal Classic Patty consumer is predominantly bought by the Caribbean community, who are very brand loyal and tend to buy several patties at a time,” says Aaron Johnston, Port Royal Marketing Director. “But we have also found growing interest in Caribbean food with a wider group of consumers trying new flavours like jerk through an increasing number of restaurants and pop-up street food venues, which led to the creation of the new Big Up! Brand.”

The new Big Up! patties are Port Royal’s biggest sized patty, which is heavier than the current Classic range. Flavours include Big Up! Spicy Beef Patty, Big Up! Spicy Vegetable Patty and Big Up!

Jerk Chicken Patty. All the meat used is Halal. Port Royal’s Patty van is out bringing sunshine and spice to the rain soaked streets of London. Other activity includes instore sampling and targeted festivals and social media. Port Royal are also working with Encona to link in with their marketing plan to ensure their loyal consumers are aware of the new range. Edward Johnston at Port Royal notes: “Wholesalers have more flexibility over range, which enables them to bring new products to market faster. It is essential that wholesalers make the most of this and capitalise on new consumer trends like street food, ‘food on the go’ and convenience.

Healthy snacking is on the rise, agrees Matthew Paterson, Fridge Raiders Brand Manager at Kerry Foods, with consumers actively opting for better-foryou snack choices; 50 million more snacks were chosen for health than for any other reason last year, showing great demand for innovation in the category. As a snack nuts have broad appeal, with 75% of consumers eating them at least once a week, and the category is worth almost £490m, growing +4%, showing a great opportunity to offera cheese and nut combination in one convenient snack format.

Fridge Raiders recently launched a new snacking range, comprising bitesize cheese pieces combined with tasty, savoury foods such as nuts and crunchy corn. Available in Sea Salt & Pepper and Honey BBQ flavours, the snack is high in protein and less than 170 calories, offering a smarter snacking option.

Matthew Paterson comments: “The dual compartment tray consists of two of the UK’s most loved savoury snacks, cheese pieces and nuts, to be eaten separately or together. The convenient format can be enjoyed on-the-go or as a planned occasion to satisfy the hunger gap which often strikes between meals. It’s a fulfilling energy fix which combats that sluggish feeling, keeping you at 100% and tasting great.

“We’re excited about the launch and are feeling incredibly positive about the success it will bring, following a very strong reception from consumers and retailers during research. We’ve also seen similar style snacks becoming increasingly popular in the US market, with brands such as Balanced Breaks by Sargenta constantly growing, so we’re confident this trend will translate in the UK space. The Fridge Raiders Cheese and Nut Combos will help strengthen our masterbrand, credibly delivering our ‘powered by protein’ position and elevating our quality credentials through the ingredients used.”

The Cheese and Nut Combos launch is supported by a significant £1.5m marketing campaign to raise awareness levels, including TV, video on demand, digital, consumer and shopper marketing plus an influencer campaign featuring celebrities Jake Quickenden and Vicky Pattison.

For a taste of the more exotic from not too far away, Brindisa has its finger on the pulse, says James Robinson, Product Trainer at Brindisa:

“Flavour and function are two key drivers in snacking. Innovative flavours satisfy increasingly adventurous consumer tastes, while high protein options such as bagged nuts appeal to health-conscious snackers.

“Our Artisan Patatas Torres crisps from Barcelona are performing particularly well. The range’s bold, exciting flavours reach out to shoppers looking for premium snacks. Variants such as black truffle, DOP smoked paprika, Iberico ham and caviar deliver authentic Spanish flavours and real point of difference in a bagged snacks range.

“Hand-crafted Patatas Torres crisps also satisfy the premiumisation trend; 54% of shoppers agree that a product made with high quality ingredients is a key factor in their purchasing decisions, ahead of appearance or price.”

There has been a rise in the number of consumers seeking healthier alternatives to traditional snacks over the past couple of years, says James Robinson, which wholesalers can’t afford to ignore: “45% of UK shoppers are purchasing healthier options, and 39% are actively seeking snacks containing less sugar. It’s vital to offer healthier options alongside traditional snacks to drive spend.”

Frequently listed in the top-ranking superfoods, almonds make perfect onthe- go snacks. Brindisa offer several varieties – Salted Marcona Almonds, Salted Catalan Almonds, Smoked Catalan Almonds and Smoked Paprika Catalan Almonds. Olives are another popular snacking choice and Spain grows over twice as many as the next largest global producer. The country’s most popular table varieties include Manzanilla, Arbequina and Gordal.

Spain is also renowned for gazpacho, its iconic chilled soup. Brindisa has introduced its famous gazpacho in a convenient 330ml format in time for summer. Packed with all the taste and health benefits of Brindisa’s bestselling 1 litre packs, which showed a 27.6% sales increase in the last year, this new 330ml bottle is an ideal on-the-go choice for consumers wanting an authentic taste of Spain.

Scottish food brand Paterson’s have a long history of delivering tradition with a twist, says Jonathan Guild, Paterson’s Brand Manager. In 2019 Paterson’s are taking food-to-go snacking to a new level with their new Fruity & Filling Oat Bars. A twist on a traditional flapjack, Paterson’s Oat Bars are vegan friendly and palm oil free, while containing only 170 calories per bar. Handmade in Scotland with real fruit pieces, the oat bars are available in two varieties, Raspberry & Apple and Blueberry & Cranberry.

Jonathan Guild says demand is increasing for individual snack bars, with two thirds of consumers enjoying a cereal or snack bar several times a week and three quarters regularly trying new snack bars, making cereals and snack bars the second largest sweet biscuits sub-category:

“In a time-pressured, busy world, Paterson’s Oat Bars are the ideal snacking solution, delivering quality, provenance and environmental sustainability.”

Launched in neat display SRPs of 24 x 40g individually wrapped bars, Paterson’s Oat Bars are ideal for cafés, coffee shops, travel operators and convenience retailers looking to treat customers to a new food-to-go snack.

Kevin Butterworth, Marketing Director at Symington’s says their new Twistd range includes a selection of snack pots, appeal to hectic young professionals, culinary explorers and health minded shoppers and will deliver a truly authentic taste sensation, transporting global flavours into your home. Convenient for on the go consumption the new Snack pot flavours are Thai Aromatic Green Curry with Rice & Red Lentil, Mexican Chilli Beans & Rice, East Indian Lentils and Rice and Moroccan Fruity Couscous. Biscuit sales in Impulse are ahead of last year, driven by Everyday and Treat biscuits as well as Healthier biscuits, says Isabel Lydall, Category & Insights Controller at Burton’s Biscuit Company.

Cereal bars and healthier options have also had an impact, with the ‘healthy’ segment expected to grow 14% to 2021 as consumers look for lower fat, salt and sugar options that don’t compromise on quality, alongside their usual favourites. Meanwhile shoppers still like to indulge themselves every so often.

Everyday treat biscuits are growing at over twice the rate of the market as shoppers treat themselves in between healthier snacking. Increasing space is now being given to healthier options and cereal products, with some retailers reducing space for chocolate biscuit bars. Isabel Lydall says the trend towards health as well as provenance and traceability has also led to an influx of new brands into the biscuit aisle, challenging traditional manufacturers, while demand for value has driven interest in retailer brand products. Manufacturers are also responding to growing demand for free from alternatives, with a rising number of brands for those with food intolerances, or trying gluten/lactose-free diets.

Burtons is leading the way in sweet biscuits, continuing to drive the agenda on sugar and calorie reduction. Following its successful sugar reduction programme on core Maryland and the introduction of less than 100 calorie packs across its Minis range in 2018, the nation’s no. 1 cookie brand is now even more accessible to consumers looking to reduce their sugar intake, with the launch of delicious Maryland Sugar Free Cookies.

Portion control is another way to strike a healthy balance. Many of Burton’s bestselling brands such as Jammie Dodgers and Maryland Cookies are available in mini bite size or individual portions, making them the perfect permissible snack as part of a balanced diet. Burton’s recently introduced a range of snack products including Maryland Oaty Cookie Bars, individually wrapped chocolate chip cookie bars high in fibre and wholegrain oats, and individually wrapped Wagon Wheels single packs, a new, on-the-go format aimed at the convenience channel.

As many as three in four shoppers are trying to be healthier, says Mike Simons, Head of Category at Grenade, making increasingly considered choices about what they purchase:

“The traditional single chocolate bar category is declining as concerns over sugar levels drive shoppers to switch more of their spend to healthier alternatives. The key category to benefit is Protein Bars. Although traditionally associated with sports/health, the main reason for buying a Protein Bar these days is simply as a snack or a treat.”

Protein Bars as a category are valued at £65m in the UK, growing +22% per annum. Mike Simons says 80% of this growth is driven by Grenade, the UK’s bestselling Protein Bar brand. Shoppers from all backgrounds are choosing Grenade because of its low sugar, high protein credentials and uncompromising focus on high quality and taste. “For all the talk about health, three in four UK consumers say taste is the most important reason for buying a snack,” says Mike Simons, “providing manufacturers and retailers with more incentive to offer products that deliver taste and functional benefit.

Manufacturers and brands have had to respond to these trends whilst using less or even low sugar alternatives, as well as boosting the nutritional value of their products by adding protein. Protein has two main advantages. Protein plays an essential part in muscle growth and repair, but also satiates appetite and keeps consumers “fuller for longer”, making it the perfect snack. Shoppers are increasingly using back of pack nutritional information to make sure that products meet their dietary requirements as well as simply tasting good.

Get the lowdown on Grenade The Grenade Carb Killa range consists of bars, shakes and spreads. In bars, Grenade is No.1 brand, with 59% more sales than the second placed offering. Grenade Carb Killa bars also generate the highest amount of cash through tills in the category, making them a must stock for retailers. 80% of shoppers are new to this highly profitable category, driving incremental sales in stores. Grenade recently expanded its portfolio to include two new bars, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, suitable for vegetarians, and White Chocolate Salted Peanut.

“We are seeing a polarisation of snacking habits,” says Daniel Barnston, Shopping & Consumer Insights Manager at KETTLE Chips. “One end of the market is extremely focused on health and wellness and the other half has a strong focus on decadence and reward. However, most interestingly, consumers are increasingly spanning both of these motivations over the course of the week, generally starting off with health and relaxing into sharing treats at the weekends. Hence it is important to have products like our Metcalfe’s popcorn as well as more indulgent options like KETTLE Chips to satisfy the demand across our portfolio and available to our wholesale partners.

“The idea of ‘less but better’ has been the mantra of the drinks industry for years, but we are seeing this attitude spreading into snacks. As the market moves away from everyday eating of more indulgent products like crisps, there is a growing desire for quality and innovation and category value is growing ahead of volume for this reason.” “The total Crisps, Snacks & Popcorn category in convenience is experiencing +4.5% value growth driven by sharing bags. These have also enjoyed +14.7% value growth as part of the continued double-digit growth of sharing products, the main driver of snacking growth in convenience. This shows that sharing formats are a must-stock for wholesalers in crisps, snacks and popcorn.

Price Marked Packs also continue to drive impulsive purchase opportunities for wholesale customers. They are a key driver of the sharing sales trend for wholesalers, with a growth of +16.4%, which accounts for 69% of the growth in this convenience sharing category.

KETTLE’s 80g £1 PMP is now Kettle’s biggest sharing product in independents, available in their five best-selling variants: Mature Cheddar & Red Onion, Sea Salt & Crushed Black Peppercorns, Lightly Salted, Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream.

KETTLE’s newest range sees KETTLE Chips seasoned and paired alongside real food inclusions for added vibrancy, texture and taste. The new ‘KETTLE® & More’ range includes KETTLE & Apple Slices with Norfolk Pork Sausage seasoning, KETTLE® & Sweet Potato Slices with Smoked Chipotle & Crème Fraiche seasoning and KETTLE® & Beetroot Slices with Goats’ Cheese & Caramelised Onion seasoning. They are all available in 100g sharing bag format, £2.25.

Also part of the KETTLE portfolio, Metcalfe’s Ricecakes have several wholesale listings across cash & carry and foodservice, causing them to see 64% growth.

Metcalfe’s ‘Make Summer Pop’ campaign is designed to help adults or busy families find joy throughout the summer. An activity generator will provide 40+ ideas to inject imagination and adventure into summer days no matter the weather, the budget or the location. The campaign will be supported by PR, social & digital advertising and will communicate the breadth of the Metcalfe’s snacking range, Popcorn; Ricecakes and Corn Chips.

Sarah Beck, Channel Manager – Impulse, KETTLE Foods: “Wholesalers should stock a solid core of well-loved products. The top four brands account for almost two-thirds of all sharing crisps and snack sales in convenience. KETTLE is the nation’s no. 1 hand cooked crisp.

It’s purchased by almost 4m more households, and is purchased more often, than the next biggest hand cooked brand. It also benefits from being entirely gluten free, so it’s a good option for wholesalers looking to tick a number of boxes with their core snacks offering.”

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