AC1235700iArco, the UK’s leading supplier of safety equipment and workwear, has launched a new range of Arco Comfort Gloves in response to end-user research that revealed the three most important features for customers were functionality, protection and comfort.

Paul Lyons, Product and Procurement Manager for Gloves at Arco, explained, “Whilst hand injuries are not generally life-threatening, they can seriously impact a workers quality of life and their ability to work. The key to keeping hands safe at work is not just the appropriate level of protection, but also comfort. If gloves are too heavy, rigid or bulky they might cause the wearer’s hands to sweat more, cramp or grow tired quickly and this raises non-compliance issues. No matter how protective the safety gloves, they are ineffective if workers remove them because they are uncomfortable. In response to end-user research, we have launched the new Arco Comfort Range that offers the wearer protection whilst retaining both comfort and functionality.”

The Arco Comfort Range features a selection of gloves suitable for a variety of applications and have each been manufactured from the thinnest, most lightweight yarns, offering protection against mechanical risks, sharp objects and thermal hazards. The ergonomic glove designs place increased emphasis on comfort through precision manufacturing and cutting edge technology. There are four gloves in the range, each suitable for a range of working conditions and each glove has been tested and approved to meet all relevant European safety standards.

Cut Grip Comfort

Ideal for any environment where sharps are present, the dexterity of the glove means you can benefit from cut 5 level protection without having additional thickness or bulk. The lightweight, flexible 15g liner has been woven from highly cut resistant yarns so is ideal for any environment where sharps are present but flexibility is needed. The cut resistant liner has been coated with foam nitrile which provides an excellent grip in wet, dry and even oily conditions. The gloves are dexterous enough for use in the automotive sector, robust enough for use in construction and are fluid repellent which makes them suitable for oily working environments such as manufacturing.

Comfort Light PU

This robust working glove includes a lightweight 15g liner coated with PU, a tough material that provides good abrasion resistance whilst retaining flexibility. The fabric has elastic properties which ensure a good and comfortable fit whilst ensuring hands have freedom to move. The fabric allows skin to breathe and has fluid repellent properties to help keep hands both cool and clean. This glove is ideal for environments where a glove is required for protection but dexterity for fine-handling applications, such as light engineering or small parts assembly.

Comfort Light Latex

This glove is lightweight, fluid repellent, abrasion resistant and breathable. It includes a lightweight 15g liner coated with latex, a robust, pliable material that provides an excellent grip in wet or dry conditions. The elastic properties of the glove ensure that the glove stays flexible and comfortable and but includes fluid repellent properties to help keep hands dry and clean. This glove is ideal when a more robust level of protection is required, such as when working in construction, engineering or manufacturing environments.

Touchscreen Comfort

Most industrial gloves fail to work when used with touch screen technologies, such as when trying to use a tablet device to log deliveries in a warehouse or communicating with other workers across a construction site with a mobile phone. This new glove is as effective as bare fingertips when using touch screen technologies, a first in the industrial market, and is the only touchscreen glove that meets a series of European industrial safety standards. The gloves are lightweight, dexterous, fluid repellent and offer both thermal and abrasion protection. The gloves also include an ambidextrous dotting pattern for good grip and cost in use benefits.


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