Backed by clinical research and already a firm favourite with parents looking for an alternative to conventional infant milks, NANNYcare has caught the eye of major retailer ASDA.


Championing the use of goat milk in infant feeding and instigating a double-blind trial, NANNYcare has experienced steady growth following a 2014 amendment to EU legislation, which now recognises and includes goat milk as a suitable base for infant formula.

Parents have recently voted NANNYcare Follow on and Growing up milks into the TOP 10 Baby Food Category for the 2015/16 edition of the Top 100 Baby Products Guide – even prior to the ASDA listing!!top-10-baby-food/cv2

Claire Magee, Managing Director of NANNYcare said:

“We are absolutely delighted that ASDA has recognised the genuine opportunity which we believe NANNYcare products offer to retailers. With baby milks a growth area in grocery, largely driven by a consumer desire for premium products, parents are more likely to trade up in baby milks wanting the very best for their child – NANNYcare does seem to tick all the boxes.

“Our formulas are made with quality goat milk using ‘whole’ rather than ‘skimmed’ milk, requiring far less processing and supplementation than other formula milks. Goat milk formula can simply suit some babies better than cow’s milk formulas and parents need this important new choice for their babies”

ASDA is the first of the ‘big four’ to recognise the potential opportunity which goat milk formula offers and with the growing demand for premium, more naturally based milks by launching, in 55 of its stores, the full range of NANNYcare infant milks in the 900g size: NANNYcare’s First Infant, Follow On and Growing Up Milks, all of which retail at £25, providing a healthy cash margin for the retailer.

Available as a powder to mix, the range of NANNYcare products comprises: First Infant Milk (900g & 400g); Follow On Milk (900g) and Growing Up Milk (900g & 400g).

NANNYcare Ltd is an infant-nutrition company specialising in goat whole milk formulas for the 0–3 year age group.  Founded in 1993 by Claire Magee, NANNYcare’s mission has been to bring goat whole milk formula as a genuinely different formula choice to UK parents.  The company has been pivotal in the changes to European and UK regulation which now recognise goat milk formulas alongside mainstream cow milk infant formulas.  NANNYcare is the UK’s first goat milk infant formula and has been tested extensively in randomised double-blind clinical trials.

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