Micro-snacks come into their own when it comes to meeting shopper demand for easy-to-prepare hot food that can be enjoyed as part of a Big Night In.


So says John Armstrong, Marketing Director of Kepak Convenience Foods, manufacturer of Rustlers, the UK’s best-selling micro-snack.

“The days when people opted for a couple of packets of crisps and a few beers during a Big Night In are long since gone,” says Armstrong.

“Instead, they want a selection of hot and cold food that can be prepared in next to no time, without having to interrupt their social fix, whether it’s watching a movie, a gaming night or just partying with mates.”

Micro-snacking products can help to develop Big Night In sales across numerous categories and to increase basket spend.

“We’ve seen numerous examples of boosting shoppers’ Big Night In spend by offering complementary products as part of a deal, e.g. two Rustlers micro snacking products and a 2 litre soft drink for £5. It’s easy to implement, boosts sales and provides consumers with the value they’re seeking.”

Kepak’s Super 6 range is ideally suited to the Big Night In occasion as it offers something for all tastes. The range, which accounts for more than 40% of all sales within the micro-snacking market of 60 SKUS – features six top-selling Rustlers SKUs, all price-marked at £1.99.

The range includes the £25 million Rustlers Quarter Pounder, already bought by 2 million households. It also includes the Rustlers BBQ Rib, the UK’s second bestselling micro-snack and the Rustlers Chicken Sandwich, a popular option with women.

Completing the line-up are the Rustlers Deluxe (Bacon Cheeseburger), the Rustlers Hot Subs Fried Chicken, which has brought the mass market Subway format into micro-snacking, and the Rustlers Pepperoni Panini, tapping into a foodservice trend.

“Wholesalers and retailers can use Rustlers Super 6 to develop Big Night In sales, sharing in what we we estimate will be an additional £5 million worth of micro-snacking sales in 2015,” adds Armstrong.

“For the one in four convenience retailers who already stock Rustlers, this is an opportunity to grow sales by an average of more than 20%. It’s also an opportunity for the three quarters of convenience retailers who don’t stock micro snacks currently to benefit from a major new profit contributor.

“In relation to Big Night In, our consumers are looking for good quality, hot, tasty products that are quick and easy to prepare. The Rustlers Super 6 range meets all of these requirements and that’s why it’s set to become a key driver of Big Night In for many retailers.”

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