Winding up straps with DrumRoll will not only save time, but also add to safety.


Clean hands and vehicle, less frustration and tidier surroundings are other benefits.

The Norwegian company Kapilar AS has newly developed a simple and efficient tool for quick and easy ratchet strap winding, that also adds to safer operations. The DrumRoll is patent approved and Kapilar AS is now looking for distributors, resellers or other business partners.

The DrumRoll saves time by rolling up straps quickly, and by always rolling up straps with the hook on the outside, it makes it safe and easy to throw the strap over the load. By making strap winding easier it will also help keeping tidier surroundings. By rolling up the strap without touching it, it also keeps the hands and vehicle clean.

As the strap is removed from the DrumRoll after it has been rolled up, one DrumRoll is enough for all the straps. By leaving the last strap inside the DrumRoll when finished, the DrumRoll takes up minimum storage space.

Two types have been developed, a small version for 25mm (1”) straps, often used by craftsmen and private persons, and a larger 50mm (2”) version designed for industrial straps used by truck drivers, farmers and warehouse workers.

The DrumRoll consists of just two injection molded parts, and can be used to roll up straps in both directions and can also be used left-handed. There is no assembly necessary and no training needed to get started.

Loyd Arve Nornes, the inventor of DrumRoll, got the idea for the product in November 2015. By the aid of a 3D printed prototype the first distributor was signed. To get the sole right for the product in Scandinavia, Åkrehamn Trålbøteri AS bought 10 000 units. These have now been produced, and are on their way to market in Scandinavia. Feedback from the first stores is that the DrumRolls are selling well and customers find the product very efficient and easy to use.

As ratchets straps, and the problems DrumRoll solves, are found all over the world, Kapilar AS is now looking for partners to get this simple and efficient tool to the people that need it. Kapilar AS is open to any business partnerships, and wants to be contacted by resellers, distributors or possible licensees.

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