DryNites®, part of the Kimberly-Clark company, is upgrading its packaging and product designs, optimising its portfolio and transforming the value delivered to consumers.

The UK’s number one pyjama pant brand, DryNites® is committed to driving value and volume into the bedwetting category, as well as offering parents and children confident nights.

Girls’ packs now feature Disney® Fairies’ Tinkerbell character, while boys’ SKUs continue to feature Spiderman, boosting product appeal on-shelf. Designs for growing children, aged 8- 15, have been updated to look age-appropriate and more like real underwear. All SKU’s feature five absorbent layers, providing maximum protection from nighttime accidents.

DryNites® UK Brand Manager, Emma Roy says: “DryNites® offer unbeatable night-time protection, and our updated pack and product designs reinforce our continued commitment to the market and our customers.

“Bedwetting is a perfectly common development stage for many children, with as many as one in four children wetting the bed.

“DryNites® product features and new designs give parents and their children confidence enabling them to have a good night’s sleep as they manage this stage together.”

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