Specific high speed curtain doors for supermarkets, wet rooms and chilled stores are some of the latest products from Hörmann, that have been designed with the food industry in mind.

Increased demand for fast action doors has been driven by the need to minimise draughts and subsequent heat losses, as energy costs continue to rise. High speed doors that operate safely, reliably and efficiently over many thousands of cycles are proving to be cost effective, paying for themselves with the savings made.

Many of these doors are effectively a complete system, such as the Hörmann V2012 internal curtain door for supermarkets. This comes complete with operator, shaft cover and the Light Grille solid state safety device integrated into the door frame. This device monitors the opening with an array of light beams – if any are broken the door will not close. Another safety feature is the anti crash system, that releases the curtain from the frame in the event of impact but then automatically resets simply by opening and closing the door.

To complete the system, a counter-weight device gives automatic emergency opening (in the event of a power failure) and vision panels can be included in the curtain at no additional cost.

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