Creating products that have natural and healthy ingredients at their heart, Fruit Heroes fruit bars are the perfectly delicious snack, which celebrate the fresh flavours and goodness of fruit. Dedicated to quality and taste with a big love for fruit, Fruit Heroes source only the best natural ingredients from around the world for its inspiringly delicious and nutritious recipes.


Several dietary studies show that children receive some of their daily energy from eating between meals – which makes good sense. Your child needs several smaller meals during the day, to make sure the energy level, mood, concentration and learning ability is at its best.

Fruit Heroes fruit bars can count as one of your “five a day”, proving that snacks and treats can be sweet and satisfying but also part of a balanced diet. Healthy in between meal snacks ensure a good and regular energy input and reduce the child’s desire for food that contains a lot of fat and added sugar. Nutritious bites in between meals can also help avoid childhood obesity whilst providing the energy your children need for fun and games, sporting activities and homework.

Making good stuff great, Fruit Heroes is all about giving the goodness of fruit to kids in an exciting and appealing way. Created using only the finest ingredients (and lots of love and care!), to offer a unique range, which is full of variety and flavour that’s tempting to all – not just kids! The bars come in four fruitilicious flavours: Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Banana and Apple & Raspberry.

When you buy Fruit Heroes fruit bars, you can always be guaranteed that the products have:

• No added sugar

• No added colourings

• No added preservatives

• No sulphur dioxide

• No gluten or diary

• Not been cooked or baked

• Naturally high fibre content

• Natural ingredients

Fruit Heroes fruit bars are the natural choice, anytime of the day. The range is wonderfully convenient as the products are perfect for lunchboxes, travelling and in-between meal snacks. The bars are even a home-baking favourite with recipe hints and tips available online at

Recipe ideas include:

• Fruit Heroes Granola Bars | recipe

• Oatmeal Balls | recipe

• Fruit Heroes Muesli | recipe

• Fruit Pop Cakes | recipe

Available now from Tesco, Holland & Barrett, Tree of Life, One Stop, Amazon and selected health stores in convenient 20g single bars and five-bar multi-packs.

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