• 23% of retailers are putting MORE focus on Halloween this year, recognising it is a growing seasonal event. 36% will increase their Halloween confectionery range and 22% will give it increased space
  • A huge 86% of shoppers prefer wrapped sweets and chocolates for Halloween, and a similar number (83%) say packaging choices play a major part in deciding which brands to buy
  • One in three people celebrating Halloween intend to go trick or treating, and over two thirds intend to buy sweets or chocolate to give out to trick or treaters

Perfetti Van Melle, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of confectionery and chewing gum, has revealed new research that indicates the vast majority of retailers are still set on stocking and making space for Halloween-related confectionery, and creating in store focus around the event. And shoppers are still determined to get into the party “spirit.”

The research, conducted by KAM Media, interviewed 200 retailers and 250 consumers, ahead of the first Halloween affected by the incoming HFSS regulations.

Brits are putting a significant focus on Halloween this year 

Three out of four (74%) adults plan to celebrate Halloween, the same proportion as 2021, with one in three (32%) intending to go trick or treating. Of those celebrating, 68% are likely to buy sweets or chocolate to give out to trick or treaters, a huge rise versus last year’s 58%. 

44% of those celebrating Halloween are also likely to buy sweets or chocolate for gifting. And there are additional opportunities for retailers to maximise sales around Halloween beyond sweets and chocolates, with 32% of consumers intending to decorate their house and 25% saying they will wear costume.

Retailers recognise Halloween’s getting bigger

23% of retailers said they plan to put more focus on Halloween this year, recognising it as a growing seasonal event. 36% will increase their Halloween confectionery range, and 22% will give it more space. However, the research also shows nearly two thirds of retailers (60%) give themselves less than a month to prepare their stores for Halloween.

With nearly one in five customers having already started planning their own Halloween by then, it’s worth retailers being “Halloween ready” at least six weeks before October 31st. And with almost a third (30%) of shoppers planning to shop for themed lines up to a month prior, Perfetti Van Melle recommends ordering stock and POS as early as possible.

HFSS won’t spoil the party in store

The scary for retailers this autumn is of course HFSS.  But on this showing, the introduction of HFSS won’t change most retailers’ Halloween ranging decisions. One in three retailers intends to give Halloween confectionery two metres or more space in store. And one in ten plan to allocate more than 4 metres. HFSS compliant confectionery will get much less space, with 37% saying they’ll give it half a metre or less.

When it comes to preferred ranges at Halloween, store owners are looking to stock a wider range of wrapped sweets, larger bags, different formats and significantly, with HFSS upon us, healthier sweets. Seasonal themed options and all-year-round lines are also important when it comes to must-stock lists.

Lauren Potter, Fruittella Brand Manager at Perfetti Van Melle says: “With some HFSS regulations kicking in from October, we were really interested to see what retailer and consumer appetites would be like around Halloween, and whether they were hungry to make the event bigger and bolder this year.

“Shoppers opting for wrapped sweets and chocolates for Halloween is likely to be a long-term shift in consumer preference, as it hasn’t decreased, even with people being less anxious overall about hygiene.”

“Judging by the responses to our survey, Perfetti Van Melle is in a real sweet spot to respond to both shopper demand and retailer needs – individually wrapped sweets, sharing bags and seasonal offerings have been part of our range for some time. We will be announcing our 2022 Halloween line up in the next few weeks, featuring both tried and tested favourites and on-trend new additions that are sure to please. Stay tuned!”

Retailers can contact their PVM sales reps for assistance in, and advice on, compiling their confectionery fixtures for Halloween. For further detail they can also email PVM@mercieca.co.uk.

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