Mr Sheen Express Mist – a new quick and easy approach to home surface care

New addition to Mr Sheen family and complete ‘new look’ for Mr Sheen range

Brands such as Cillit Bang, Mr Sheen and Finish are the preferred choice for millions of households.

RB UK has recently launched Mr Sheen Express Mist: a brand new formulation designed to clean and dust all home surfaces, even modern furniture. Mr Sheen Express Mist has been developed to address the new requirements of giving the home the right ‘finishing touch’.

Today’s homes contain less wood and more man-made materials and consumers are no longer looking for the high gloss finish but for a quick and easy way to clean and dust all surfaces.

New look for the complete Mr Sheen Range:

The complete Mr Sheen range has undergone a redesign with a clean modern new look that complements the new addition, Mr Sheen Express Mist (see above).  The redesign reflects modern home care needs and provides increased shelf standout and clearer communication of product benefits for consumers.

Bathroom innovation from cillit bang with new Cillit bang active foam

With a reputation of tackling cleaning all around the house, RBs Cillit Bang has been a favourite with consumers since its launch in 2004. Continuing its innovative approach to cleaning, the latest addition to the range looks set to make cleaning large surface areas a much easier task.

New Cillit Bang Active Foam is an innovative mousse formula with a specially designed wide-spray nozzle that allows quick and easy cleaning of large surfaces such as baths and showers. The unique formula mousse ‘clings’ to the vertical surfaces – penetrating and dissolving soap scum and dirt for a brilliantly clean finish. Ideal for use on bathroom surfaces, Cillit Bang Active Foam is also safe to use on multiple surfaces.


The best ever Finish Quantum – a claim proven in consumer testing Leaves nothing behind but dazzling shine

January 2012 saw the rollout of RB’s best ever Finish Quantum, the latest in a long line of exciting innovation developments from Finish, the number one autodish brand in the UK. The new product represents a real change in both formulation and aesthetics and is set to drive purchase intent for the brand by +25% (Nielson BCE UK July 2010).

The new unique Finish Quantum has been developed to offer superior cleaning and unprecedented shine. The tablet has three compartments each providing additional cleaning powder:

• The blue chamber contains a Finish exclusive enzyme that helps breakdown stubborn food residues and grease.

• The new white chamber contains additional detergents, salt and a bleach function to deliver brilliant white dishes.

• The Powerball comes with Ultra Shine Technology, which prevents watermarks and clouding and helps prevent spotting, to deliver an amazing shine

Key Facts

• RB UK has the Number 1 or 2 brands in the majority of its key markets. Among those brands in the household sector are: Air Wick,   Calgon, Cillit Bang, Dettol, Finish, Harpic, Mr Sheen, Vanish, Windolene, Woolite.

• RB UK is the UK’s third largest TV advertiser. Unlike others in the market RB believes that in challenging economic conditions for consumers, it’s even more important that as a market leader it drives category growth.

RB Market Innovator:

• First to launch autosprays: Air Wick Freshmatic and Air Wick Mobil Air. 2011 saw launch of the first ever Air Wick ‘nose’ with the new Odour Detect.

• Cillit Bang created the power cleaning sector

• Dettol Complete Clean – the first anti-bacterial cleaning range to achieve CHI accreditation

• Vanish Oxi-Action the No 1 name in stain removal with new for 2012 – Vanish concentrated gel pouches and new Oxi PowerLift as well as Vanish Extra Hygiene, removing bacteria from laundry even at low temperatures.

Reckitt Benckiser (RB)


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