How INCIG electronic cigarettes work


• INCIG Electronic cigarettes deliver a nicotine-laced, vaporised liquid instead of burning tobacco fumes.

• Our basic e-cig consists of an atomiser and battery. The atomiser holds the nicotine-laced “juice”     and acts as the mouthpiece. The atomiser contains a small heating coil. With the push of a button, the     battery powers the atomiser to heat the juice, turning it to a vapour.

• E-cigs come in a broad range of forms. There are small versions which look a lot like cigarettes. Many users prefer larger units, the size of a cigar, because the larger battery means they last longer     without recharging. INCIG distributes Shisha Pipes, the preferred choice of unit.

What is an INCIG Shisha Pipe?

• Unlike the original e-cigarettes, which resembled a traditional cigarette, the INCIG Shisha Pipe is slightly larger in size and requires the user to fill the tank system themselves with e liquids provide by INCIG. They have a greater battery capacity than the original ‘e-cig’, allowing for increased vaping time, which was previously a problem, and a common complaint from users.

• When the user inhales on the device, a sensor detects air flow and heats the liquid in the tank chamber so that it evaporates the e liquid. The vapour delivers the nicotine to the user. There is no second hand toxic smoke, but some nicotine vapour is released into the air as the smoker exhales, which in turn, changes to water vapour.

INCIG – The perfect e-liquid juices

• Our e-liquid ‘juice’ ingredients have been sourced from all over the globe to ensure the INCIG ‘vape’ is the best in the UK.

• Our products are made to the highest possible quality standards. Our nicotine solution is suspended in propylene glycol, or vegetable glycerine, to which is added various flavouring and different levels of nicotine, ensuring every smoker is satisfied. We have four ranges of nicotine level, from the ‘light’ to a ‘bold’ hit, so we have ensured we capture all customers’ expectations and needs.

• A typical INCIG e-liquid juice recipe contains four ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, liquid nicotine and natural or artificial flavour. Aside from the nicotine, these basic ingredients are accepted food additives.

• To ensure we deliver the best experience and contribute to the end users enjoyment we also have worked closely with our existing customer base to develop eight exclusive flavours – Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla, Apple, Passion Fruit, Blueberry and Strawberry, making sure we satisfy everyone’s palette!


INCIG – inexpensive!

One of the most important factors that have generated an interestingly popular response in surveys and tests is the cost effectiveness of refilling an e-cigarette. Costing up to two thirds less than tobacco counterparts, e cigarettes and e liquids are, and can be, far kinder to the end user’s pocket.

After purchasing the initial product, the end user only has to purchase e-liquid refills from their local outlet, for which INCIG recommend a maximum retail price at £4.75, ensuring the retailer remains competitive within the market place.

INCIG e-cigs – healthier and safe to use

Although the MHRA is in the process of developing guidelines in 2016, the current lack of any authoritative oversight of e-cigarettes means that there is significant variability in device effectiveness, nicotine delivery and bottled e liquid nicotine content.

In an attempt to tackle these issues ‘head on’ Incig electronic cigarettes has ensured it has brought to market the most robust, safe, reliable and affordable product to allow its partners to take advantage of this quickly developing, lucrative industry.

To complement this they have also gone above and beyond expectations and are currently working with Huddersfield University in ensuring that the contents of their e liquids will conform to the regulations being set in 2016, and some may say, setting the standards.

Dr Marcus Chadry, who is currently leading his team of scientists is actively seeking to redress any concerns vapers and medical experts may have with the contents of INCIG e liquids, stated “Innovation Cigarettes (INCIG’s registered name) provided us with their own e liquids and that of competitor’s cartridges.

“The aim of the analysis was to determine the nicotine content of refills solution which INCIG provide and that of other competitor cartridges. The nicotine content of the refill solution provided by INCIG was found to be in good agreement with the expected amounts, with the results ranging from 94% to 99%.

The nicotine content of competitors’ cartridges was found to be much more variable, with recoveries ranging from 76 to 83%.

This study alone clearly shows that INCIG electronic Shisha Pipe solution with its self-refill solution is better for the end user over the electronic cigarette which resembles a traditional cigarette.

A further unrelated study showed that after switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, nicotine exposure was unchanged while exposure to selected toxicants was substantially reduced. There was little evidence of harmful effects from repeated exposure to propylene glycol.

INCIG_LOGO_SQUARE_FACEBOOKv2E-cigarettes – know your consumer

INCIG estimates there are 1.3 million current users of e-cigarettes in the UK alone. This number is almost entirely made of current and ex-smokers, with perhaps as many as 400,000 people having replaced tobacco smoking with e-cigarette use. INCIG backs all campaigns to ensure that e-cigs are only to be used by individuals over the age of 18.

Why INCIG electronic cigarettes are so popular

• Typical reasons given by consumers include the introduction of the smoking ban, people’s concern for their health and consumers trying to save money.

• A pack of 20 cigarettes can cost anywhere between £6 and £8 for a packet, whereas INCIG starter kits for e-cigarettes retail for around £18.99 a kit, and each kit comes with the equivalent to around 200 cigarettes!

• The introduction of the smoking ban in the UK in 2007 has played a big part – as soon as pubs and restaurants became smokeless, and smoking lounges went out of airports and offices, die-hard smokers started looking for alternatives.

• European countries’ more permissive attitude towards smoking, compared to the US for example, was also a factor

• E-cigarettes are becoming a positive lifestyle choice. Smokers between 25-55 in particular are actively choosing to ‘vape’ instead of smoking

• INCIG electronic cigarettes offer you the chance to try different strengths and flavours of liquid without causing a disturbance to others

• Quitting smoking appears to be one of the primary reasons people buy electronic cigarettes: One survey in Britain found that 27% of smokers who were trying to quit used e-cigarettes for that purpose. As proven in a clinical trial in New Zealand, both patches and e-cigarettes can help smokers get through their nicotine withdrawal.

• Now doctors say e-cigarettes do help you quit – and could save millions of lives… Royal College of Physicians and GPs back them as a safer alternative.

INCIG and regulation

If you are familiar with the e-cig market currently, it is possible that you will have heard speculation of regulation in the media. INCIG has always supported the call for regulation. From the company’s stand point within the UK, medicine regulation would offer some advantages for some electronic cigarette manufacturers, importers and wholesalers.

For example, as licensed nicotine products:

• Only 5% VAT is levied, compared to 20% for consumer products.

• Products could be made available on prescription.

• Advertising, promotion and sponsorship would be allowed.

• Limits of 20 mg/ml on strength, 10 ml on size of refill containers and 2 ml on cartridges or tanks would not be mandatory.

• Products would be widely available.

Regulation is therefore being embraced by INCIG, and will contribute to its continued success within the e-cig industry and drive the popularity of the INCIG brand. Our commitment to providing the very best products and after sales service will allow our relationships to flourish under the guidance of a regulated body, protecting consumers from inferior products.

Tristan Okulus, Managing Director of the INCIG brand, says while the industry had been expecting a “lighter tough” approach from Government, there is a need for a certain level of regulation to ensure the industry meets quality standards. He claims there are currently smaller operators that do not meet the high standards consumers expect:

“We already have stringent quality processes in our business, and we will go out to our retailers and customers to say our products are developed by the market leaders and we will be maintaining that quality. We have thousands of satisfied customers.”

INCIG – increase your revenue

As consumers become accustomed to e-cigarettes as an alternative, retailers and wholesalers will become more confident in their appeal and demand, which will ultimately bring increased revenues to the retail outlets who stock these premium products and the wholesalers who supply them.

As a typical example of how profitable this market is, a typical sale of 2 Shisha pipes and 7 e liquids per day, 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year, could generate a minimum profit of approximately £14k per annum for the retailer on the ‘lowest’ recommended retail price, with the possibility of greater returns based on higher retail prices.

In some cases, based on minimal projected sales, profits exceeding £16k could be easily achieved, and this doesn’t take into consideration the other ‘add-on’ products which the consumers purchase to maintain the Shisha pipe.

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