Salt-ShortageBritain’s unpredictable weather caused chaos with the country’s transport links last winter and saw a huge increase in demand for road salt. The prolonged, severe weather meant that the UK’s supply of road salt was stretched to the limit, leaving many councils and the highways agency struggling to keep roads free from hazardous ice. Although lessons have been learnt and salt mining has continued throughout the year, the stocks of road salt have still to reach the level required to tackle a similar situation this coming winter.

During the previous shortage members of the public looked to supplement the efforts on road salt with table salt, resulting in an increase for demand from retailers. The likelihood of another severe winter is of course unpredictable, however many forward-looking retailers have begun to take action early to prevent their supply of table salt running low.

Salt suppliers such Derbyshire-based Dri-Pak have seen a continuing rise in orders for table salt, but warn that many retailers could loose out if they have not planned ahead for another potential “Big Freeze”. Bruce Maxwell, MD of Dri-Pak comments “Last year we saw a sharp rise in orders for everyday table salt, which we struggled to supply because no one predicted the weather to be so severe and prolonged”. Bruce warns retailers to plan ahead to avoid disappointed customers in the cold months ahead. “To guarantee a supply of table salt throughout the winter month retailers must start to appreciate the possibility of another harsh winter ahead of us”.

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