National wholesaler JJ Foodservice is ramping up its fresh UK halal lamb range with a new premium selection of hind shanks, cutlets, and split forequarters.

“Our new, locally-sourced fresh lamb range will help caterers to put premium dishes on their menus, just in time for BBQ season,” said Chief Product Officer Sezer Ozkul.

Taken from the rack of lamb, JJ’s fresh UK lamb cutlets are meltingly tender and succulent, and can be pan-fried, griddled, or barbecued in just a few minutes on each side.

Available in 2kg packs, prices start from just £11.99 per kg.

“Lamb cutlets are a perfect summer menu option, complimented by many different flavours including mint, rosemary, and harissa,” said Sezer.

Slightly meatier than the foreshank, JJ’s lamb hind shanks, available in 2kg packs (roughly four shanks per pack) need to be cooked slowly to break down the meat, resulting in a rich flavoursome, falling-off-the-bone shank. Prices start from £6.99 per kg.

Taken from the side of the lamb, the forequarter (8kg) is made up of many well-known cuts of lamb including neck fillets, middle neck, shoulder, riblets, shank and chops.

Prices start from just £5.49 per kg. The new range is available in all London branches.

Shop the range here:

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