Improving the efficiency of packing operations is becoming an increasingly relevant topic for many companies, with a specific focus on how to get a higher volume of product out of the door per man hour. One of the higher expenses often seen by is the cost of labour so exploring options that help packing staff improve efficiency is an ever more crucial exercise for both high a low volume pick, pack and dispatch operations.

Designed with speed and efficiency as key benefits, Kite’s high quality paper dispensing system, the SpeedMan Classic, is the ideal solution for low to medium volume packing departments. It is compact and maintenance free and dispenses high quality 70gsm and 90gsm fully recycled paper so provides a low cost, environmentally friendly packing option.

Built to be simple to operate, the SpeedMan Classic is favoured by a variety of companies where picking, packaging and dispatching are a crucial part of the business. It is easily loaded by simply loading the paper into the top, adjusting the machine to sit at the required angle and pulling the paper through the teethed hole, to create the perfect low cost void fill solution.

The SpeedMan Classic can either be mounted to a table using the table stand or if you require a mobile option it can be used with Kite’s rolling floor stand. Both options allow the SpeedMan Classic to be easily transferable and highly mobile.


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