Kite Packaging, one of the UK’s leading packaging distributors, has launched two new ranges of packaging machines to improve help their customers improve the efficiency of their operations.


Pallet Wrapping Machines

The new ranges include the addition of seven pallet wrapping machines and two gummed paper tape machines. As part of Kite’s ongoing commitment to bringing in more automation for its customers, the new solutions aim to save customers time, cost and help to reduce damage rates on products.

Kite’s extensive range of pallet wrapping machines have landed at a hugely competitive price, with an entry-level model costing just £2,495.

There are five turntable systems available, a traditional type of pallet wrapping machine, all of which feature varying levels of controls, for implementation in even the most complex packing environments. Each turntable machine can be adjusted to accommodate varying turntable speeds, number of wraps and to alter the tension.

The most comprehensive machine out of the turntable systems is the Rotoplat 708. It features 15 adjustable parameters and an intuitive multi-level control function, which allows the user to programme each pallet layer differently. The function means you can apply high tension to some pallet layers, and low tension to others, as well as adjusting the number of wraps for each level.

Additionally, two robot machines have also been introduced to Kite’s website offering. These ‘Mobile Pallet Wrappers’ are less well-known than traditional turntable systems, but increasing in popularity. Ideal for oddly shaped pallets and ‘ugly’ freight, they move around the load to stabilise it, eliminating the need to manoeuvre a load on to a wrapping base.

Gummed Paper Tape Machines

Gummed paper tape has become increasingly popular in fulfilment and e-commerce operations. It offers a much higher tack than traditional tapes, can be used in both chilled and ambient temperatures, and is extremely tamper-evident, to prevent theft or tampering in transit.

Robot-MasterIts natural starch adhesive is activated by water, so to efficiently use it in a commercial environment it must be dispensed using a gummed paper tape machine.

Kite Packaging’s new range of dispensers includes a manual model, which is incredibly cost-effective when compared with the leading brands. At just £249 it can dispense lengths of tape up to 42 inches long; accommodating varying roll widths due to its adjustable roll carriage. The dispenser has been positioned as an entry-level model that can be used continuously, simply activated by using an adjustable slider to set the length and a lever to release the tape required.

Kite’s electronic model is even more advanced, with a warming plate to heat the water, creating an even stronger tack. Its user-friendly control panel allows you to choose from 30 different lengths of tape, which it dispenses at an impressively speedy rate – ideal for high volume use.

The company also supplies a simple ‘pull and tear’ dispenser for low volume operations.

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