Lantmännen Unibake Burger Barometer

Lantmännen Unibake’s Americana brand has unveiled a new insights-based “Burger Barometer” revealing what UK consumers really want from an out of home burger offering. The research-based findings identify the nation’s favourite beef, chicken and veggie burgers, fillings, flavours, sides and buns complete with expert advice from ‘Burger Lad,’ Simon Dukes, on how wholesalers can tap into these lucrative gourmet burger trends.

Americana polled 1,500 UK consumers, providing further evidence that operators who go the extra mile by offering on-trend, gourmet burger options can positively influence their bottom line. Consumers are willing to pay, on average, 10% more for their favourite gourmet burger, so wholesalers must ensure they are stocking a wide range of gourmet buns in order for outlets to meet consumer demand. This news is the latest insight from Americana’s burger experts, who revealed in June that consumers are willing to pay, on average, £1.25 more for their burger to come in a gourmet bun. Americana are calling on operators to premiumise the quality of their burger menus, from the fillings to the bun, in-line with consumer expectations to increase burger sales. With 71% of pubs and restaurants already serving gourmet buns, wholesalers not capitalising on this trend are missing a huge opportunity.