Leading Spanish wholesaler and importer, Mevalco, has announced a UK-first, offering its retail clients MSC Octopus that has been harvested fresh from the Cantabrian Sea.

Known as Old Fisherman’s Octopus, this sustainability harvested Octopus differs from those collected in other places.  It has a unique flavour which comes from its environment (eating shellfish), and is fibrous, with a darker colour.

The Octopus legs are cut and weighed by hand.  They are immediately frozen to support flavour and texture and stored for a month before being cooked in their own juices and vacuum-packed to arrive in perfect condition in the UK.

Founder and Joint Managing Director, David Menendez, says it’s incredibly exciting to be bringing MSC octopus to the UK.

“This MSC octopus comes only from the Cantabrian Sea.  MSC is seen as increasingly important for the harvesting of octopuses, and this is the product that everyone has been waiting for.

“Boats pay extra for certification and have an inspector on board checking every step of the way.  The octopuses are harvested sustainability and at the right time of year.

“Availability is limited, as it must be for a product certificated as sustainable by MSC.  We are proud importers of the only MSC octopus in Europe, and probably the most gastronomic octopus in the world”

Octopus is one the most popular products with Mevalco’s chef customers and cooked Octopus Legs are not only one of the most delicious and much-loved dishes in Galacian’ cuisine, but it’s rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins with Vitamin B12 in abundance as well as providing calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and iron.

Thanks to their properties, they help us increase our defences as well as prevent and control diabetes.  Octopus is also famed for its health properties as an anti-inflammatory and a cholesterol regulator.

For more information contact 0117 982 6540 or email Mevalco’s friendly team on hello@mevalco.com.

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