fleetman1.jpgFleetMan is a unique new solution from Microlise that effectively addresses the problem of ensuring the continuing regulatory compliance of fleets of heavy goods and other commercial vehicles. Available as a stand-alone or hosted web-based system, FleetMan manages all aspects of document storage and management. It covers legal certificates, test certificates for the vehicle and tail lift, servicing, repairs, inspections and leasing agreements. It also stores any other relevant documents as defined by the user.
In its basic form, Microlise FleetMan helps ensure the security of the fleet and conformity with all legal requirements as far as documentation is concerned. As documents become due for renewal, it generates automatic alerts and then continues to escalate these until renewal is carried out. Where desired, it can also provide VOSA with direct visibility of compliance.
Tighter legislation with tougher penalties and increasingly effective enforcement by VOSA place an ever-increasing administrative burden on operators and lessors of commercial vehicles. When connected to an in-vehicle Microlise Tracking Unit (MTU), FleetMan provides real-time telematic ‘snapshots’ to assist in monitoring and managing road-worthiness in compliance with VOSA requirements. Combining this information with daily driver inspections and regular six-weekly maintenance inspections helps ensure full road-worthiness at all times, thereby maximising vehicle availability and optimising vehicle and driver safety.
To maximise its customers’ return on investment, Microlise also offers complementary solutions for real-time vehicle tracking and telematics, congestion avoidance, POD, mobile workforce task management, schedule adherence, satellite navigation, in-cab voice/text messaging and KPI reporting. Microlise solutions offer feature-rich practical functionality that reduces the total cost of fleet ownership, improves productivity and enhances service levels. Key benefits include: increased driver operating efficiency, reduced administrative overhead, reduced fuel consumption, improved customer service, reduced customer queries, and, reduced vehicle maintenance costs, improved road safety

Gordon Wilkinson
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